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Weekend Roundup Feb. 16th – 18th

As usual this weekend is packed with a ton of events. Take advantage of this quick respite from the freezing cold and get to a gig!

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“Thirst”- BBGuns Review

Are you super bummed about being single? Dispirited with the online dating scene? Are you getting tired of the monotony of your day to day? Are you really into Anime and Batman references? Do you enjoy Newbery Medal winners from 1998 that have been made into beloved feature films staring the delightfully unstable Shia Labeouf? BBGuns does.

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No One Expects the Punksburgh Inquisition: Carrie Battle (Jiant Eagle/Robin Vote)



Source: Dream Phone’s facebook page


For today’s inquisition, we spoke to Carrie Battle – resident badass who contributes her ever-evolving styles and talents to a myriad of bands.  Always pushing herself out of her comfort zone, Carrie currently has a super secret project in the works that we here at Punksburgh highly anticipate.  She provided a window into her musical world with her following answers:

Current band(s)

Jiant Eagle, Robin Vote, and a secret new band yet to be named.

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Weekend Roundup Feb. 9th-11th

February 9th


Switch and Signal Skatepark opening

This Friday the wait is over. Switch & Signal Skatepark officially opens the doors at 5pm. We’ve been working hard the last few month and it’s finally time to cut the ribbon and open the park.
Admission is $12 (members $10) Waivers required for everyone. 18 and under must have a parent or legal guardian sign in person, No exceptions.

7518 Dickson Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Weekend Round Up 2/2 -2/4

Friday 2/2

First Fridays at Spirt with Shaq Nicholson, Metacara, and The Uptown Woods (FREE SHOW)

Shaq Nicholson, Metacara, and The Uptown Woods. Featuring the artwork of Kevin Mack

Shaq Nicholson

The 5 members of the band (aka the Shaqafarians) are influenced by countless genres, creating a funk-filled, blues-blasting, soul-singing sound.


Metacara is an electrosoul duo bred from roots in jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music

The Uptown Woods

The Uptown Woods is a hip-hop, jazz infused band that was formed in the fall of 2015. The group was assembled after countless late nights in Uptown, Pittsburgh. Open jam sessions allowed a free flow of musicians and ideas that eventually evolved into The Uptown Woods. The band members compose and write all original music that express their values and beliefs. This collective seeks to question society’s norms and find true meaning in living with purpose.

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Album Review: Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band’s “…And Out Come The Balloons,” out 2/3/18!

On a surprisingly welcome mild January afternoon I half-heatedly checked my mail seeking a package nearly three weeks overdue. It wasn’t there, but something else was. It was roughly record sized and the sender’s name mysterious if vaguely familiar. I tore open the box and out came the party!

I now have in my possession one copy of Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band‘s highly anticipated second effort “…And Out Come The Balloons!” Originally titled “Pinata,” other names had begun to be tossed around and the band took its fans’ input to heart, finally settling on the perfect play on the classic album by Rancid. With a slightly modified image of drummer Randall on the cover in place of Lars Frederiksen and vibrant and intricate artwork by singer/guitarist Polka Kapolka gracing the back, the record jacket explicitly tempts the listener with all of the fun that is about to begin once the needle is dropped. And mine is a gorgeous purple smoke colored pressing! There’s no telling what you may find when you open yours; the album itself could be any number of colors and designs from a random lottery of options, which is also fun. Collect them all! Trade with your friends!



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Weekend Roundup: 1/26 – 1/28

It’s the weekend and you know what that means–a round up of events we know about that are going on. The weather is supposed to be decent, and these shows are going to be fire! Long story short–get to the gig.

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The Gotobeds Do Pittsburgh Punk Proud

“It’s always the easiest and least interesting route to have a preconceived notion of what band you want to sound like and then go do that.”

Eli Kasan’s riffing again. And I’m listening close for clues.

“We were terrible early on ‘cause we wanted to sound like too many things, and weren’t sure which suited us best and let our real personalities shine through. Should a band not be a representation of the individuals that are in it?”

Kasan’s band, The Gotobeds, is a punk rock king in Pittsburgh – except it’s no king here and it’s not what you’d traditionally define as punk rock. Or is it? Yes, yes, the band, which formed about a decade ago – before all this America’s Most Livable City nonsense, from the ashes of Burgh-based hardcore purveyors Kim Phuc – packs its catchy, often freakishly earwig-ish indie-rock songs with lots of raging guitars. But, the bands to whom The Gotobeds draw comparisons are more punk in attitude than traditional construction.

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Beyond the Music: Let the Light In (Allison Kacmar Richards)

This guest post is written by Allison Kacmar Richards, bass player for The Long Hunt and Emily Rodgers Band.

There’s a stigma surrounding mental illness. I know this: I am a social worker. I talk with people every day who are ashamed of themselves for having depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or any other condition deemed a mental illness. I tell people: I’m so glad you’re talking to me about this. You don’t need to be ashamed. I encourage them to share their experience with supportive people and to talk to professionals about their symptoms because it helps. It helps to open up about it. It helps to let the light shine on these dark things.

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Pachyderm Worth Checking Out On New Teaser EP

Consider this the fresh-faced first entry of the new year in Pittsburgh Single of the Year territory.

The oft-engaging Pachyderm channels The Sea and Cake and the emotional heft of a romantic relationship gone awry on “I’m Not Happy, I’m Just High,” a new two-song EP now available on Bandcamp. It does this, and this is no small feat, with a shimmering, lullaby-ish guitar motif on the title track that’s positively buttery in the most post-pop of senses; it will utterly force you to reconsider the singer-songwriter’s line between lament and regret. (The song, in short, is the stuff that makes Sam Prekop blush.)

The Burgh-based quintet also pulls off the decidedly ironic sugar-sweetness of the title track seemingly so casually (the vocals are delivered, at times, in almost an adenoidal dead-pan), which only heightens the sense of excitement. Definitely worth the price of “name your price.”

The “B-side,” which Pachyderm coins a “bee-side,” features the biting lyrics and quirky pop- and blues-isms of “Songs About The Beach,” lamenting “your people,” the nature of extroverts and, of course, “shitty music” and “shitty beer.” Yes, the lyrics – sometimes forked, sometimes tongue-in-cheek – try to steal the show but my ear kept wandering back to that electric guitar, played seemingly through an old tube-amp, once unassuming and once scene-stealing, and featuring (at different times of course) a little doo-wop funkiness and some scorching, manic guitar solo-age. Impressive!

If this is any indication of what’s coming on the soon-to-be-released Verge LP, which this release most definitely teases, I am in.



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