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Month: May 2017

#chilicheesevan: a Q&A Interview with Lotus Kid

Lotus Kid is a five-piece angsty pop punk band from Pittsburgh, PA. Live, these guys are energetic, able to hold witty stage banter, and keep things generally relatable. I had the chance to catch up with Mikey, who does vocals and song writing for the band, to discuss everything from pizza and local businesses to the creative process and advice he wishes he had gotten.

Q) What is Lotus Kid working on right now?

A) Our current short term goal is playing our Fall Out Boy cover set at the Emo Prom!  It’s this weekend, so this week we’re running through the songs and perfecting the little things. We regularly play as a five piece band (two guitars, bass, drums, vocals) but don’t have a permanent drummer and none of the fill in drummers we have been working with are available the day of the show, so our guitarist Zack will be playing drums and I will be playing guitar while singing to make up for the lack of a member. I’m stoked to sing these songs because Fall Out Boy always had lyrics that really spoke to me when I was a teenager. We’re trying to convince Doug to shave his beard and wear some eyeliner but he’s being noncompliant.

Once the Emo Prom is over we will be wrapping up recording our debut EP and then sending the tracks out to get mixed and mastered. It only needs a few more hours of vocal tracking to be ready to go! We want to make a music video and have a release party this summer, then after that do some weekenders and hopefully do some touring in support of the EP.

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Thursday Throwback! The Murder Junkies / The Jasons / Only Flesh @ Howlers (5/25/17)

Just ONE DAY short of a year later, the infamous Murder Junkies made their return to Pittsburgh and Howlers in grand company!

I begrudgingly arrived late to this one to find Howlers packed to the walls with both people there to rock and people there to puck! There was undoubtedly some crossover between the two contingents, and I know that I wasn’t the only one taking breaks from the steamy back room punk rock action for both the air and to check the score of the Penguins’ playoff game. I did catch the last song from Only Flesh and, thanks to my “nebbiness” & being able to score a set list, I can tell you that “Methgirls” sounded great! They were firing on all cylinders for this show with a trio of “grinders” (see pic.) I’ve come to expect nothing less from these local genre-bending rock ‘n rollers gone awry.

Next up were Pittsburgh’s favorite slashers from nearby Crystal Lake, The Jasons! The four J’s never fail to delight AND antagonize the crowd. Just in case the room wasn’t hot enough, they tore through a blistering set of Red-Blooded American Punk Rock rife with quips like “Fuck you if you don’t like the Ramones!” The grand-finale came when the Jason’s turned their wrath upon one another which found the band members battling for supremacy on the stage floor. Who won the bout? Undoubtedly it was the crowd.

On the horizon…

Of course, a mere 48 hours after I start a blog dedicated to the Pittsburgh punk rock scene, I’m hopping on a plane to go to Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas and will miss all the awesome shows that are happening in town this weekend. If you have seen me at a show at all, you already know that I’ll be spending the next 72 hours glued to the rail, probably wearing some weird dress, taking as many photos and videos as I can without being too obnoxious (if anyone has any band/song video requests, let me know and I’ll do my best). 

But, man, let’s talk about these last two days. What began pretty much as a whim has already started blossoming into something. Shandra and Nicole (with a homemade press pass!) have jumped in wholeheartedly and have already established a solid social media presence for the site, and we have a whole host of additional folks helping out behind the scenes. The team has been reaching out to local bands and artists to set up interviews. This thing is actually happening. It’s super super rad.

In the short time that I’ve been going to shows here, I’ve met some amazing people and heard some fantastic music. I’ve been in awe of the dedication that I’ve witnessed, and our goal here is to spread awareness of that. So, bands: let us know what we can do to help you! Interviews, shows, album releases… you name it, we’ll cover it. We’d also love to showcase local artists and businesses that support the scene and community. We already have some in mind, but feel free to reach out if you think there’s anyone especially deserving.

There’s still a chance that all of this will collapse in a near future, but I don’t think it will. We’ve got big plans for the site and hope to really get things rolling over the next few weeks. If you have suggestions or would like to get involved, get in touch with us. We’re here because we love music and the local scene, so we’re happy to do what we can for everyone involved.

Thanks for all the support, folks. I think this will be fun. Catch you at a show 🤘🏻


PunkRockTalk: Podcast feat. The Danzas!

Sikes talks being seriously not serious, , influences, & the new album with ! Listen NOW!

You can follow & connect with Sikes here:

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proof of concept


Worldʻs Scariest Police Chases opening for Russian GirlfriendsThe Bombpops, and Red City Radio at Howlers on Tuesday, 5/23/17.

Plus some dudeʻs head.


This will probably be the only thing I ever write here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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