Just ONE DAY short of a year later, the infamous Murder Junkies made their return to Pittsburgh and Howlers in grand company!

I begrudgingly arrived late to this one to find Howlers packed to the walls with both people there to rock and people there to puck! There was undoubtedly some crossover between the two contingents, and I know that I wasn’t the only one taking breaks from the steamy back room punk rock action for both the air and to check the score of the Penguins’ playoff game. I did catch the last song from Only Flesh and, thanks to my “nebbiness” & being able to score a set list, I can tell you that “Methgirls” sounded great! They were firing on all cylinders for this show with a trio of “grinders” (see pic.) I’ve come to expect nothing less from these local genre-bending rock ‘n rollers gone awry.

Next up were Pittsburgh’s favorite slashers from nearby Crystal Lake, The Jasons! The four J’s never fail to delight AND antagonize the crowd. Just in case the room wasn’t hot enough, they tore through a blistering set of Red-Blooded American Punk Rock rife with quips like “Fuck you if you don’t like the Ramones!” The grand-finale came when the Jason’s turned their wrath upon one another which found the band members battling for supremacy on the stage floor. Who won the bout? Undoubtedly it was the crowd.

To my mind, nothing could have been a more fitting headliner for this night of unbridled chaos than those lovable legends from NYC, The Murder Junkies. Only their fourth show back from “retirement” Merle Allin, Donald “Dino Sex” Sachs, Benjamin “FC Murder” Bunny, and PP Duvay continue to make their songs seem effortless and timeless. If all goes well their stop here next year will be a show not to miss for any discerning scumfuck. After all, it was right before last year’s show that Dino had suffered a stroke. It will especially be one not to miss if they bring along opening acts every bit as loud and lewd as they did this time around.

Finally, in an attempt at real journalism, I asked usually forthright Merle for a quick quote about Pittsburgh, the crowd, or the venue, but he roundly refused and referred me to Dino. That went something like this:
Dino: Pittsburgh is great!
Me: Really? You don’t have to say that.
Dino: Yep! I’m from Eastern PA, Pittsburgh is the City of Champions! The Steelers and Penguins fucking rule!

I left satisfied with that, a Pens win, and the fact that at least this year I wasn’t the one called upon to do the “drumstick trick.” Nor did I fall off the stage.

Prepare yourselves for a Jasons attack here:

“Hang” out with Only Flesh!
https://www.reverbnation.com/onlyfleshTo learn more about the Murder Junkies… go to a record store. Seriously. They’re troglodytes.