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Punksburgh Playlist 06.20.17-06.26.17

A weekly Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed/interviewed/mentioned on Punksburgh.com from 06.20.17-06.26.17

Not on Spotify:

  1. Bed Sore – Clocked Out
  2. Frustrate – Watch You Die
  3. Möwer – W.L.F.B.
  4. Buried in Hell – This Emergency Room is going to need an Emergency Room
  5. Billy Pilgrim – Sucker Punch
  6. Killer of Sheep – PAWNS
  7. Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band – Theme II
  8. The Jasons – I Wanna Be An Asshole
  9. Clownvis Presley – Catch that Son of a Bitch
  10. Orvill Rex – She’s Built
  11. Holey Soles – Autumn Leaves
  12. Subourbon Son – Drivin’ Me Away
  13. Weird Paul Petroskey – i Got Drunk at Chuck E Cheese
  14. Cumplete Basturds – Party Party Rock N Roll
  15. Substitute for Quality – Burden of Proof
  16. Brazilian Wax – Grrrls to the Front
  17. Trash Bag – Toxic Wasted
  18. Blue Clutch – Come Alive
  19. Sun Hound – Stone Cold Rocky Road
  20. Lorenzo’s Oil – Back To The Future Medley
  21. Vytia – a_f1.6
  22. Reign Check – Metronome
  23. Soft Gondola – Six Eyes
  24. Samm Bones – Tall Glass of Whiskey
  25. Alpha Creeps – Alpha Creep
  26. Iris Creamer – Pink Pistol II
  27. Blak Rapp Madusa – My Hidden Colors
  28. Sound Elevator – Magnetic Star
  29. Jenny Morgan – Brings Me Back Around
  30. AllegrA – cuties
  31. The Rents – Swing
  32. Bitter Whiskers – Golden State
  33. Tina Panic Noise – Color No. 695
  34. Rue – It Could Be You
  35. Legendary Hucklebucks – Run Devil Run
  36. The Jasons – American Slasher
  37. Mickey and the Snake Oil Boys – Who I Am
  38. Evad & The Ominous Squad – If Only For Tonight
  39. The Homisides – King Of The Boards

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Dori Cameron – Ladyfest (06/25/17)

Returning from Boston, Pittsburgh native Dori Cameron made the trek home to grace Ladyfest 2017 with her ethereal voice.  Performing originals from her EP Violent Musemany of Cameron’s lyrics are born of personal experiences – such as her tracks “Come What may” and “Soul Crimes.”  Listening to her clear voice over the raw mic at Hambone’s, one can feel the emotions of longing and hope behind her meaningful lyrics.

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Friday: My Second Favorite F Word, Events 6/30/17

The weekend is upon us again and this Friday brings your last chance to get out and rock during the month of June! Let Punksburgh be your guide…

Honey ‘Mock Pop’ CD Release Party
9 p.m. / Spirit (downstairs) / $5
Honey, the trio of Monroeville rockers, release their full-length album on Wild Kindness Records with support from local dirty garage punkers Bat Zuppel and noisy post-punk favorites Derider. You can taste-test the new album ‘Mock Pop’ on The Grey Estates here.

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Ladyfest Recap III: Cattivo (6/24/17)

After a long day of Ladyfesting on Friday (see my coverage of The Shop and Gooski’s), I went back out again on Saturday to catch more music at Cattivo. Both the upstairs and downstairs stages were running, meaning that the music never stopped.

Kicking things off upstairs was traveler Samm Bones. Some of you may be familiar with her, as she lived in the city last year until she got the itch to move on. She alternated between banjo and keyboard for her songs, and took a break in the middle to read a passage from her travel memoir, “Heavy Metal Meditations.”


Samm Bones

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Show Review: Mama’s Madness / Cynimatics / Johnny and the Razorblades / Upon Rocket @ The Rex Theater (6/24/17)

Shows at The Rex Theater are always an experience. Most recently, I attended the Johnny and the Razorblades show there on 06.24.17 with support from Mama’s Madness, Cynimatics, and Upon Rocket. Honestly, I only knew half of the ticket, so I was looking forward to a new experience. I like to be surprised with what I find on an unknown ticket.

First up was a surprise addition to the ticket, Stephanie Kong.

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Pittsburgh City Paper “Best Of Pgh. 2017” Round 1: Nominations

Pittsburgh City Paper has just opened up nominations for its Best of Pittsburgh 2017 Readers Poll! You can now nominate your (or your favorite) band and venue! Nominations will be accepted now through July 19th. Public voting, the Round 2 part, will begin on July 28th and continue through August 18th.

The Basic Rules:
• You can only nominate once per day per category.
• The Best Of Pittsburgh ballot log-in system is separate from the rest of pghcitypaper.com.
• All completed nominations are subject to verification by our staff.
• City Paper reserves the right to disregard multiple ballots that are sent from the same IP address.

The Categories:
(click link for submission form)

We do have a preference in ONE category. Show us some love and write in Punksburgh for BEST LOCAL BLOGGER!

And if you’re REALLY serious about getting on the ballot, you can find campaigning tools here.

Last year’s winners included Nevada Color, Dethlehem, The Armadillos, The Justin Fabus Band, & Phat Man Dee,

No One Expects The Punksburgh Inquisition: Tim Little (all the bands)

We persuaded Tim Little, currently drumming in Playoff Beard, Nightmarathons, Lansbury, The Shutouts, and probably four other bands, to come out of the shadows and answer our questions.


Tim with Playoff Beard

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Ladyfest Recap II: Gooski’s (6/23/17)

After witnessing five solid performances at The Shop, I headed over to Gooski’s to continue my night of Ladyfesting.


Old Game

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No One Expects the Punksburgh Inquisition: Rishi Bahl (Eternal Boy)

Today’s Inquistion features Rishi Bahl, singer and guitar player for Eternal Boy (formerly known as The SpacePimps).

Rishi playing with Eternal Boy at Four Chord Music Festival. Photo by Jim Trocchio. You can find & follow Jim on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Ladyfest Recap I: The Shop (6/23/17)

Ladyfest 2017 kicked off Friday night at The Shop in Bloomfield. By the time I arrived at 7:10, this DIY venue already boasted a sizable crowd. Based on the demographics (teenage girls and parental types), I could tell that many were there to see opening band WolfBlud.


WolfBlud. I wish I were that talented when I was their age. Or now, to be honest.

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