Grime Scene opened the show with really great  hardcore set. This was only their fourth show but the three piece played super tight. The guitar/vox dude was really animated while he played, which made for a very entertaining show. Stay on the lookout for Grime Scene, they fucking shred.

Personal local favorites of mine, Killer Of Sheep, played next. They banged out their last set until August 22. The crew is taking a bit of a break while their vocalist Free spreads love and hip hop across Europe with his solo act Billy Pilgram. If you like hardcore and hate cops this is the band for you. Keep an eye out for their new record due out on August 21st.

SNAFU finished the night off with a short set; things were cut short due to equipment issues. The four piece from Detroit were all over the place with their sound–these dread heads were very talented musicians. They started off with a super heavy thrash sound, then moved to a classic hardcore vibe, then got super heavy and  doomy. The guitar harmonies were tight and three vocalists gave the band a cool vocal range.




Grime Scene


Killer Of Sheep


Grime Scene


Grime Scene