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The Night The Doom Circus Came To Town (6/21/17 @ Howlers)

This guest post was written by Steve.

Another killer metal show was put on by Blackseed Records on Wednesday; Doom was on the menu, with each course having its own flavor.


Old Blood

Getting the evening going from the Arizona Desert was Burn Thee Insects, led by the father/son duo of Lucust and Mitchell French. They say they created a new genre called “pop doom”–I wouldn’t call them pop, but their awesome stoner rock took a slight punk detour in the middle of their set which was very pleasing to this ear. I hope they make it back this way soon!

Locals Smoke Wizzzard, who dare I say were making doom fun were up next. Theyʻre working on releasing their first recording, check out them out when you get a chance!

Ending the evening all the way from California, and actually maybe another place and time, were Old Blood, who Rolling Stone described as, “Amy Winehouse jamming with Kyuss at a desert LSD party.” They bring visions of Hawkwind to my mind, with names like Octopus and Feathers, hula hoops, psychedelic lights, and corpse paint. Their acid doom took everyone on trip to a very cool place, and with the balance between the heaviness of the band and Feathers’ vocals, it was a place I didn’t want to leave, and hope to visit again!

Burn Thee Insects and Old Blood are both playing The Maryland Doom Fest this weekend. If you are going, check them both out–you’ll be glad you did!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words about Old Blood. I’m biased as the singer’s father, but the entire band works really hard to create this alternate universe of craziness and heaviness. So, I know it’s gratifying to them when someone recognizes their efforts. Thanks again.

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