After witnessing five solid performances at The Shop, I headed over to Gooski’s to continue my night of Ladyfesting.


Old Game

First up was Old Game, who had been me away when I first saw them opening for Screaming Females in March. Their sound is part rock and roll, part alternative, part grunge, with a dark and haunting vibe. Singer and guitarist Brenda Leeds absolutely shines; her voice seamlessly alternates between ethereal and harsh. Guitarist Thom Hunter sings at times as well, adding in guttural screams that amp up the intensity.

If you haven’t seen them, you must check them out on Spotify or Bandcamp. Their next show is July 8th at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern, a benefit that supports Planned Parenthood.


Love Dumpster. I briefly switched it up from my standard stage left position.

The rest of the bands for the night were all next to me, and I was blown away by all of them. I had a feeling I would like Love Dumpster as soon as they took the stage; lead singer Jolexx O’Lexa was wearing an awesome lacy dress adorned with an elegant belt that read “BITCH.” My feeling was confirmed as soon as they started: the music was fast, melodic, punky, and catchy as hell. They better schedule more shows soon, because I need more Love Dumpster in my life.


Reign Check

I absolutely adored Reign Check; their music is poppy and catchy and absolutely oozed with strong feminist vibes. One of their song that especially resonated with me had the lyrics, “Hey you, cat caller! We don’t want to get your number!” The set also included two awesome covers: “Feels Blind” by Bikini Kill and a breathtaking version of 10,000 Maniacs’ “Because The Night” that night that got the crowd singing along. Their next show is July 4th at Howlers; Iʻll see ya there.


Spinster. Theyʻre too cool for social media.

In the penultimate spot for the night was Spinster, who played their first show in three years. If they were rusty at all, it certainly didn’t show: they absolutely killed their set. The crowd was clearly excited for this reunion, as Gooski’s was packed by this point.  Their music was more laid back than the previous band, but singer and guitarist Becky Corriganʻs beautiful voice absolutely carried the music. I was entranced and sorely hope I donʻt have to wait three years to see them again.


Soft Gondola

Finishing up for the night was Soft Gondola. They describe their music as bummer pop, which is fitting. Singer and guitarist Daniella Trimbleʻs voice fits in perfectly with the music being played behind her. It was at times mellow, at times driving with guitar solos, always with a chill vibe. A perfect way to end the evening.