Returning from Boston, Pittsburgh native Dori Cameron made the trek home to grace Ladyfest 2017 with her ethereal voice.  Performing originals from her EP Violent Musemany of Cameron’s lyrics are born of personal experiences – such as her tracks “Come What may” and “Soul Crimes.”  Listening to her clear voice over the raw mic at Hambone’s, one can feel the emotions of longing and hope behind her meaningful lyrics.

Cameron’s live performances have spanned across the United States to California and even abroad into the open waters of the Caribbean – where she performed with the Rumba Punk band Askultura on the Flogging Molly Cruise.  It was there that I first heard her perform the title track from her EP, “Violent Muse.”



However, even when performing in the homey space at Hambone’s, Cameron still emanates the lively and powerful spirit that I have come to know her for.



To listen and support the EP, visit her bandcamp: