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Punksburgh Profile: Looking For Group

In our first Punksburgh Profile, Brian from The Danzas speaks to Brayton Batson, one of the owners of Looking For Group and drummer for Pittsburgh punk rock band Thanks Dad. Looking For Group is a gaming/coworking space and part time DIY venue in Brookline. They discuss the formation of LFG, hosting shows there, and, of course, favorite Pittsburgh pizza. 

Hardcore Solstice: Submachine / Crack House / Mower / Frustrate / Bed Sore @ Gooski’s (6/21/17)

It was the longest day of the year on Wednesday. A great day to spend outdoors, maybe lie under the stars in the evening and enjoy a nice quiet peaceful night. Or you could work all day and spend the remainder of your evening getting shithoused in a dark, smoke-filled bar blowing out your eardrums. I’ll take the latter. If you believed that the event would start at 8 (according to the FB event page) you must not get out to Gooski’s very often (you should). However, I rolled in around 8:15 to play it safe. I was pleased to find Jeff from Submachine sitting next to me. He dropped some knowledge on me about coming up in the eighties and some history of the local punk and hardcore scene. After a few PBRs and a “safety meeting” in the alley Bed Sore was about to start at ten (regular time).

To start off the show, Gooski’s housed two heavy-hitting hardcore bands from Lexington, Kentucky: Bed Sore and Frustrate. Both bands are on the analog label Stomped Out Records and operate out of the DIY space Hometron (ask a punk). Both bands had a similar very heavy, abrasive, driving, hardcore sound. Bed Sore’s vocalist had higher, more shrill, voice than Frustrate and an interesting stage presence–he just stared out into the audience without blinking, all bug-eyed and shit, while he screamed his fucking lungs out. During the song N.O.A.D. (nod off and die), he started flailing around on the ground and pretended to try to suck some dudeʻs dick.

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On The Road with The Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band, Pittsburgh to Canton & back in The Party Van

Lead singer and guitar player Polka Kapolka is sharp and organized. Drummer (and Punksburgh contributing photographer) Randall ALWAYS wears pants. Bassist and driver Chunk is really good at navigating from his “Google phone.” Saxophonist Sky doesn’t have much luck with the ladies. Trombonist Joeseph, otherwise known as Baron Von Bone, was the highlight of the journey, and lead guitarist Jarad, a.k.a. Lefty’s, balls definitely weren’t stuck to his leg for the duration of the trip from Pittsburgh to Canton. And if you believe those things perhaps it’s best that you stop reading now and remain blissfully unaware.

“The Party Van” pulled up punctually at 5 p.m. to collect your friend and humble narrator. Greeted by toots of party noisemakers and it’s “WOOGAH!” horn, I climbed aboard, prepared for anything. Although off to a tedious start with, as Sky so perfectly put it, “Free parking on 376,” we were on our way, The Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band to open for the one-and-only, accept no imitations Clownvis Presley at Buzzbin Art & Music Shop and I to document the experience.

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They’re not a country band: an interview with Johnny and the Razorblades

I crashed Johnny and the Razorblades‘ practice on Monday to talk to them about their recent album, upcoming show, and so. much. more. 


Photo by Randall Reskovac

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The Night The Doom Circus Came To Town (6/21/17 @ Howlers)

This guest post was written by Steve.

Another killer metal show was put on by Blackseed Records on Wednesday; Doom was on the menu, with each course having its own flavor.


Old Blood

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No One Expects The Punksburgh Inquisition: Donny Donovan (Dinosoul/Hearken)

Todayʻs Inquisition features Donny Donovan, singer and guitar player for Dinosoul (dark indie pop) and Hearken (grunge rock punk).


Donny playing with Dinosoul. Photo by Jon B Snow.  You can find & follow Jon on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, or on his music photography website.

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Punksburgh Playlist 06.13.17-06.19.17

A weekly Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed/interviewed/mentioned on Punksburgh.com from 06.13.17-06.19.17


Bands not available on Spotify:

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Lookahead to Ladyfest! This Weekend: 6/23/17 – 6/25/17

ladyfest 3

Happy Solstice! Festival season is upon us and this weekend brings us the females in the forefront Ladyfest! Founded in Olympia, Washington in 2000, this year’s festivities mark it’s fifth year in Pittsburgh. Boasting a 40 (!) band line-up, the three-day event is organized by participating bands The Lopez and Brazilian Wax, with a moderately-sized army of volunteers from all walks of life in tow. As if rocking out with your favorite female ensembles isn’t enough, the whole festival serves to benefit The Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh!

With SO many great artists appearing this year, I figured I’d take the opportunity to mention some of the acts that I’m hoping to catch!

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Lauren on the Mable Syndrome podcast

Mable Syndrome is an website run by Kristen and Jessica, two amazing punk rock women. It’s focused on creating a community for other ladies in the punk rock scene. The two also have a podcast in which they talk about new music, what it’s like being a woman in a male-dominated scene, and also conduct thoughtful interviews with a number of big name musicians.


They recently asked Lauren to join them on the show to talk about her experiences traveling solo to Punk Rock Bowling. The second half of the episode is a previously recorded interview conducted with Rehasher, the passion project of Roger Lima from Less Than Jake. If you’re not familiar with their music, you should definitely check it out.

You can listen to the Mable Syndrome podcast on Soundcloud or iTunes. If you like what you hear, make sure to subscribe, leave a rating, and follow them on social media.

No One Expects The Punksburgh Inquisition: Ray Kolcun (Crooked Cobras)

Hey folks! We’re starting a new type of feature here at Punksburgh… artist profiles! Here’s your chance to get to know your favorite local musicians and all their quirks.
First up is Ray Kolcun, currently the guitar player for Crooked Cobras.

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