Eternal Boy is a three-piece “Drive-Thru Records era” throwback pop punk band. We touched base with Andy, drummer, regarding the band’s new name, continued success, and upcoming events. 


All photos compliments of Jim Trocchio Photography. Be sure to check out his Instagram, twitter, and his Punksburgh interview!

Your band has toured all over the world. If you had to pick, which show would you say was your best and which would you say is your favorite?

The band’s best show was probably one we did in Birmingham England on the last day of our United Kingdom tour w/ Patent Pending & Sweet Little Machine. I think at that point it had resonated with everyone just what an incredible experience that all was. We definitely left that tour feeling like we had gained a second family.

Collectively I think we can all say our favorite show was our vinyl release show for the last album at The Smiling Moose. It was pure mayhem the entire night. Everyone was singing along and stage diving throughout the night and it was just a really special show for everyone.

For many years your band was known as the SpacePimps. What prompted your name change and has it opened new opportunities?

I think it was a combination of the juvenileness of old name and us just wanting to make sure no one passed on our music. It’s also important we point out that the ethos of the band is still very much the same!

Awkward Phase is your debut album as Eternal Boy. What makes this album different from your previous releases?

I think for this album we just had a better overall vision of the kind of music we wanted to create. We spent countless hours together dissecting these songs till they were where we wanted them. It was a great learning experience for us as a band and individually as people. We really wanted to walk away from this all being super content and proud of what we created. I think we accomplished that.

You’re playing the Pittsburgh Warped Tour date the same day as your album releases. Will you be previewing songs there, or sticking to more tried and true favorites?

We are definitely going to play some new material which we are excited about! We really, really, REALLY hope everyone is able to grab a copy the new album! Its always good to refresh your setlist with new songs and see how people react. We will definitely be sneaking in some of the favorites in too which we will never get sick of!

Coming off of Warped Tour, you’ll be playing your CD Release Show on the 15th at the Smiling Moose. Having worked with them before, what made this your ideal venue to hold this show?

The Smiling Moose has always been so supportive and accommodating to everything this band has ever done, so we will always forever be grateful for that! It’s an ideal choice for us because of how personable the atmosphere is. Smaller packed shows are some of the most fun and intimate experiences and we are beyond stoked for this one!

What other shows/plans do you have on the horizon?

July is certainly a busy month for us! All of the upcoming and future tour dates can be found on our social media outlets and

July 12 Morgantown, WV – 123 Pleasant St.

July 13 Philadelphia, PA – The Fire

July 14 Burgettstown, PA – Key Bank Pavillion (Vans Warped Tour)

July 15 Pittsburgh, PA – The Smiling Moose (album release tour)

July 16 Long Island, NY – Amityville Music Hall

July 21 Winchester, VA – Hopscotch Coffee

July 22 Queens, NY – Shillelagh Tavern

July 28 Washington, DC – Rock N Roll Hotel

If you were introducing someone to Eternal Boy’s music and only had one song to make them fall in love, which song would you choose and why?

Its probably our song “Party Foul.” It just has an energy about it that just brings such a fun atmosphere out in everyone who supports the band. It’s also really really fun to play live.

How would you describe your musical process as a band?

I guess you can say it’s usually derived around from either a chorus or riff idea someone brings to the table. Since all of us can actually drum, play guitar/bass, and sing a little bit, it can get interesting at times. With that being said, we still also try be aware of our boundaries and not to put too many cooks in the kitchen. We try to not to force anything and let the songs pan out naturally. When we think we have something solid, we sorta build around it with different tempos/rhythms & progressions. After that Rishi adds the sparkle which is usually just him singing about how he has explosive diarrhea and how nobody likes him.

Since you’re part of the local scene, what do you love about the Pittsburgh scene, and what do you think could be changed or improved?

I think overall we just love the support and great people we have met a long the way that make this just so so fun to still do. If you are not having fun, what’s the point, ya know?

I think as a band that tries to actively tour and grow, we do emphasize for bands to come through here on tour and kinda wish we had some more DIY venues to accommodate that. When you are trying to get your name out there and get off the ground, it can be pretty difficult landing a smaller venue for bands trying to establish a following. That’s really important!

What are some of your favorite other local bands in Pittsburgh you think people should be aware of?

No one, just us…

KIDDING! Honestly there are tons, but to name a few we really really enjoy : Look Out Loretta, Two Birds, Lotus Kid, Swiss Army, Life Is Short, Greywalker, Milly, A Summer High, Cello Fury, Drop The Act, Dethlehem & so many more! All great people and super talented!

Do you have any local businesses/artists that people should be checking out?

Our bassist Joe runs his own business where he teaches guitar, bass, drums & offers another variety of cool music related services! Its called Rockstar Music Academy and the info can be found here:

Another awesome business we love is a non profit called: Biggies Bullies Rescue. They rescue and re-home Pit Bull type dogs in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. We all love animals, especially dogs so it’s really cool they are out there trying to help educate everyone on how to responsibly care for your pet. More info can be found at:

Lastly a great lifetime long friend of the band, Luke Cypher started a Pittsburgh based food truck called Blue Sparrow and it is phenomenal! He does everything from scratch and we can all personally say its some of the best food we have ever had. Luke is really passionate about what he does and is super talented. Everyone should follow up on where Blue Sparrow will be in the Burgh! You wont regret it! More info can be found at:

We always have to ask–what is your favorite local pizza place in Pittsburgh?

How dare you even ask this!? FIORI’S OR DIE

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