Last Thursday I attempted to get back into the swing of things after an extremely epic & adventurous summer vacation by going to a show at one of my favorite off-the-beaten path venues, Moondogs Pub. I had been promised the Full Monty, Evad & The Ominous Squad, Rocky Dennis Face, plus one act TBA in the storied bar’s familiar, dive-y, comfort. The last time I’d attempted to cover Evad & O.S. and Rocky D.F. Evad had to cancel due to illness & I didn’t feel like I got the full R.D.F. experience. Other Scott’s bass tone, having been set up for someone else, was… off, to say the least. Rejoice! For this attempt was far more successful! And a shitload of fun!

Steve Macevic

Steve Macevic

First to hit the stage and a welcome suprise, TBA turned out to be none other than Steve Macevic, formerly of Aurora Music! It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest acoustic enthusiast, punk or otherwise, but there’s no denying the quality of Steve’s songs. Playing guitar like he sold his soul at the cross-roads, he was snug as punk on a drunk all alone onstage. Word is that he’s hard at work on a new project so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for more from this dude.

What can I say about the next band, Rocky Dennis Face? When their gear is set up properly, this is a local band that you’ve got to jump on the opportunity to see. Their 13 song set list that included crowd-pleasing covers of The Clash’s “Janie Jones” & The Everly Brothers’ “Wake Up Little Suzie,” flew by in a rocking second. It seems that they draw their influences from everywhere that you’d want a punk band to; from power pop to hardcore, straightforward punk to rockabilly, another influence is revealed with each new song and it makes for a truly interesting and entertaining show!
Leap at the next chance to be entertained Saturday, August 5 when Rocky Dennis face will join The Jasons & The Young Rochelles at Howlers!

And then there was Evad & the fellas. If they were a movie sequel, E&OS might be something like “Fastest & Furiousest, Bitches!” With a bit of a Face To Face feel, the trio tore through a ten song set of scorchers with pleasantly positive lyrics despite their… less than PC (and hilarious) banter. It was also at this performance that I finally got my hands on their album Observe & Report and I can not recommend it enough! Recorded with THE John of Johnny and The Razorblades at Razorblade Recordings, the already killer songs sound fantastic! Almost as action-packed as their live show! Evad  & The Ominous Squad will be heading back into the studio in August and you can also catch them at an as-of-yet sketchy on the details show at Mr. Roboto Project sometime next month.
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Lastly, although you’d BETTER not let me catch you calling them leastly, were our friends from the Northwest, Detroit’s own Full Monty. From humble beginnings in 2014 this now-trio sub-genre surfing punkers are no strangers to our ‘burgh, having played with the inescapable Playoff Beard and at The Fallout Shelter with E&OS. From what they say, they loved playing that room and even Mike “Westrrburg” chimed in to rave about the sound on stage there. The final band of the evening can oftentimes be the toughest to articulate, especially the more fun that you’re having, but I CAN tell you with certainty that the fun during F.M.’s set was turned up to 11.

Their influences range from everything from grunge to pop and lead vocalist/guitarist’s Dan Harness expertly blends them all together into something completely their own. I’d checked out their latest release, 2016’s “Bombay,” which you should give a listen to for it’s catchy & fun factors, prior to this show but, really, bringing these guys back for more live action is the way to go. These nuts seem to tour constantly, but it looks like our show kicked off this leg of the tour with dates coming up in Danbury & New London CT, Newburgh & Buffalo NY, Fort Wayne In, & Joliet IL. I, for one, will be hoping for an appearance of their handmade, matching, Bedazzled, banana-hammocked boy band by the same name. 😉