Last Saturday at The Fallout Shelter Punksburgh was joined by a SURPRISE GUEST VIDEOGRAPHER! It is our pleasure, especially mine-I get to go easy on this review,  to introduce Drew Danen! Relive the magic!


Maybe the best collection of, and definitely the most organized, bathroom stickers.

Kicking off the evening with a bang was the “Alt Punk Rock” band hailing from Martins Fairy, OH, Appalachia Underground. I’d never seen these guys before, but the production team of Some Die Nameless rarely disappoint in their selections and now I can’t wait to catch AU’s awesomeness again!


Next on stage was one of my favorites, Mindless Chaos. Although Donnie could’ve benefited from a backup guitar, Iggy was amazing while performing in a cast!


Greg Ignacz, Kevin Forster, Don Rusnak

Then came Only Flesh. Always a treat for the senses, Rev was particularly spry this evening, jumping around like lean, yet ornery. lemur.




Headlining Saturday’s show was the storied Horror Pogo Punk of The Renfields. These Ramones-style rockers put on one HELL of a show filled with catchy and tight songs, but I’ve got to admit that I find their hype people distracting and unnecessary. They’ve got KILLER stage presence that simply doesn’t need or benefit from dancing ghouls with cardboard weapons. Let the music to the “screaming,” I say.

Thanks for the great footage, Drew! That camera looked heavy!

You can catch Only Flesh’s next MUSICAL performance Thursday, September 7th at The Hard Rock Cafe when they will be performing with Green Jelly, The Smokin’ Gorillas, and Pittsburgh’s own God Hates Unicorns!