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#SharePghMusicMonth Killer Of Sheep

Do you really fucking hate systematic oppression, abuse of power, and scumbag cops? If so, we should grab a case of beer and listen to some Killer Of Sheep records, and talk about how we’re gonna build stronger communities.  KOS are a four piece hardcore punk outfit from our fine city that are pissed off in all the right ways. They just released their record “Scorned” last month at Skullfest. You can pick it up from Cruel Noise or buy it online directly from Taang Records. Catch them playing September 28 at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls during the Pabst coloring book art show. 

#SharePGHMusicMonth – Böttle Rät

September is #SharePGHMusicMonth and everyone here at Punksburgh is highlighting our favorite bands. Today, Pat from the Shutouts and Playoff Beard shares one of his.


If you’re like me, you love having fun and drinking beers and listening to music with your friends, but you don’t have a lot of time for guitar solos or songs that clock in at more than 2 minutes. Böttle Rät has got you covered. They blaze through a 19 song set of snotty, old school punk rock faster than you can finish your Iron City.

Make sure you pick up a copy of their debut LP All My Friends Are Animals on their bandcamp site!

All the Shows: Weekend Roundup for 9/9 – 9/10, and a #SharePGHMusicMonth pick!

First things first: My #SharePGHMusicMonth pick for today is none other than bass duo Lorenzo’s Oil. I was incredibly charmed by Ian and Mary Beth when I first saw them at LadyFest. They sing medleys on a certain theme to the tune of popular songs, and it’s fun, fun, and more fun. Don’t miss them tonight at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern (see below for details!).

On to the weekend’s events!

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Happy Friday! Happy #SharePGHMusicMonth! Shows to help you celebrate in style!

I got to pick one for #SharePGHMusicMonth & I chose a metal band that any fan of the genre should hear. They also have TWO shows this weekend! The hard-hitting quartet, Divine Tragedy, describe themselves as, “Thrash style Metal accompanied by melodic double guitar harmonies, underlying bass grooves & thundering drums to guide you on epic tales.” That’s quite a description and far be it for me to argue with the musicians themselves, but I have it on good authority that they won’t be upset if you think of them as Power or simply Heavy Metal, as I do. Just as long as you think of them!

Once again this weekend I find myself lamenting the fact that I can’t be two or more places at once. With that in mind, he’s my wishlist for shows tonight, followed closely by even more rad shows that should be of interest!

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No One Expects The Punksburgh Inquisition: Sikes (Sikes and the New Violence / Greywalker)

Sikes recently had me on his Start The Beat podcast, so I’m returning the favor and bringing him to Punksburgh. You may have seen him rapping with his backup band the New Violence or singing with heavy metal band Greywalker–plus he seems to be involved in eighty other projects at any given time.

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#SharePGHMusicMonth! The Hedonism Bots

hedonism bots

Dan Christ, Jordan Zankey, & Andrew J Riegner

Punksburgh‘s first band featured in a #SharePGHMusicMonth post in earnest comes highly recommended by “Old Man McGee,The Hedonism Bots! The hedonistically debaucherous trio has been described as “a jam band version of Iggy Pop and The Stooges with lo-fi vocals,” but to my ears they sound more like The Residents seived backwards through the Butthole Surfers with some funky Talking Heads bass lines. The effortlessly verbose and slightly rakish lead singer, guitar player, keyboard player, “looks, and creative genius” behind the project, Andy, makes no qualms about shameless & tongue-in-cheek self-promotion. He describes his influences as being vodka, beer, and human horn (that’s an aphrodisiac, I think.) When they’re not performing you may be able to find him under a bridge collecting half-empty, or full depending on your perception, Mad Dog bottles and Phil Collins t shirts. Due to the fact that, much like Prince, the bulk of their videos are deep in a vault on unmarked VHS tapes, and after much deliberation, the track ‘Easiest Person’ from the 2016 album ‘Crashin’ The Party’ was chose as the ideal fit for #SharePGHMusicMonth. Enjoy & share!

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#SharePGHMusicMonth! The creator speaks & Punksburgh’s picks!

September is #SharePGHMusicMonth! All month! It seems simple enough, share your favorite local bands, preferably publicly, with the hashtag #SharePGHMusicMonth. Nonetheless, Punksburgh wanted to know more, so we pestered the creator, Chip DiMonick, that’s right, from the Hard Rock band Chip DiMonick, to get the lowdown. Chip tells us that:

“#SharePGHMusicMonth was just something that popped into my head one day last year, so I tried it last July. It caught on so well, I wanted to give it another try this year. I thought September might be better because us Pittsburghers like to enjoy that one month of sunshine we get in July.”

We can attest to that! We also can’t argue his reasons behind it:

“#SharePGHMusicMonth is an easy, free way to truly support homegrown music. Just use social media to share your favorite artist’s music video and use the hashtag. And challenge yourself to do it every remaining day in September – it’s fun and addicting!

(The) musicians should see it as a great way to get visibility for themselves and to show what they are always asking for: support for the Pittsburgh music scene! If musicians want support, they have a better chance of getting it if they SET AN EXAMPLE of what support looks like. Plus, it’s the ultimate pay-it-forward game. When your music is shared, sharing the music of others shows that you care about the scene, too.”

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