Saturday, September 30th was International Podcast Day – and our friends over at the River’s Edge celebrated the occasion in style.  Broadcasting live from Panza Gallery in Millvale, the night’s festivities included a nonstop livestream of all original musical acts, River’s Edge network podcast performances, beer from North Country Brewing Company, and mead from Laurel Highlands Meadery.

The night started with a solo performance from Jessica Fisch of Jenny and the Jags, and then launched into the first show:  Liss Victory’s podcast That BROAD Cast.

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This installation of the BROAD Cast featured an hour long four-piece improvisational musical jam which included local artists Jeremy Caywood, Liss Victory, Sarah Halter of Blue Clutch, and Nicholas Graybeal (who switched between guitar and trombone).  In the middle of the free-form jam, the quartet paused to lead a chorus of Happy Birthday to Brian Crawford – one of the founders of the River’s Edge.

Following That BROAD Cast was Brian Crawford’s River Talk, during which a lively discussion revolved around a central, thematic question: Is podcasting the mondern day printing press?  Many cases were made by the board of panelists, rendering homage to the modern form of media.


Center: Brian Crawford during “River Talk”  Photo taken by Thomas Koraido

After River Talk was a musical selection from the lovely Jenny and the Jags, a livestream of the podcast Damn Near Killed ‘Em , and a set from the headlining musician Francis Fitzgerald.

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The night was wrapped up with a session from The Mike Sasson Show, (during which a passionate call to save the bees was made, and some intense polls were taken – e.g. NSYNC v. Backstreet Boys v. Led Zepplin) as well as singer-songwriter Gabe Reed.

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After the event I caught up with the operators of the River’s Edge – Brian Crawford and Sarah Kremer.  Although I was brief with my questions, these professional podcasters provided me with a wealth of their thoughts on the event:


Finally, I believe that the night’s host Ian Insect really captured the spirit of the event when he told me, “This is my third year involved in International Podcasting – but this is the first time I feel it’s been truly cared about, which has a lot to do with the River’s Edge bringing Pittsburgh into the age of digital media.”

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