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Review: Farewell Glowworms & HELL-O, Buildings! – The Rock Room 11/18/17

I can’t even recall how I caught wind of the band Buildings, regardless I had and I was very excited to see the trio self-described as a punk outfit. I had previewed the band a bit on bandcamp and even though I liked it I wasn’t quite sure that it lived up to the possibly self-inflicted hype or that they were truly “punk.”

The crowd at the Rock Room was thick and the band began as I was awaiting a beverage. It sounded good – really good – from the front room and I trepidatiously made my way into the performance room knowing full well how loud yet muffled things could be back there. Loud it was, but delightfully so as I was able to hear each member’s instrumentation perfectly. With cited influences ranging from The Jesus Lizard to Wire, both impressive bands to emulate/incorporate, experiencing the band live my mind wandered to acts like Helmet, Godflesh, at times even hints of Neurosis. I was over the moon! As was everyone that I spoke to, and apparent on the faces of the crowd as I looked around while verbal communication was impossible. The only drawback that I could find with their performance was that it seemed to end too quickly. Alas, the show and the tour must go on, but the rumor is that the boys from Minneapolis will be headed back our way come spring! This a band that you must see live.

SOMEHOW the following set was both my first and last Glowworms experience and I am remiss for that. Fitting snugly into the post-punk realm, their sound is otherwise hard to pin down. Loud and at times drone-y, I could easily see them roking out to bands like Isis or Einstürzende Neubauten (eerily enough translated to “collapsing new buildings,” heh) in their free time. In addition to not being hipped to them sooner, I also feel like I should apologize for not deciphering their perhaps socialist-leaning lyrics as they seem well-read and place importance on storytelling through the music that they write. Nonetheless, they were successful in delivering heavy music in a cathartic way. Their set wasn’t without it’s missteps, but it barely matted. Both they and the crowd were enjoying one last stand to it’s fullest. Bassist Heather is leaving our beloved ‘burgh, drummer Greg is involved with one very fortunate metal band, and guitarist/vocalist Jordo is hard at work entrepreneuring, but they’ve vowed to keep their options open. As someone that has been known to hashtag “MORE NOISE ROCK NOW” it was with a heavy heart that I witnessed the trail left by Glowworms burning brightly while at the same time fading off into the distance.

I’d like to personally extend my congratulations to whomever helmed the sound Saturday night and also to thank whoever made the decision to leave the stage light on. Note to bands, lots of us like to be able to see what you’re doing up there. Perpetually late as I am, I regrettably missed Unreliable Narrator and Aloe. I had been looking forward to their sets, but had also been looking forward to eating and made a stop at my local dive’s early Thanksgiving celebration. Delicious as it was, chalk that up as a sacrifice as everyone swore to me that both bands played killer sets. Rest assured that both the noisy Aloe and the pure punk of Unreliable Narrator are on my radar and I shall be catching shows of theirs in the near future.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful show review! I was so glad to be able to book Buildings in Pittsburgh since I first heard of them back in 2011. This show went wonderfully and I can’t be more happy about it! I also ran the sound, so thanks a bunch! 🙂

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