Becki Gallagher first came to my attention in June when I caught her side project Garter Shake at LadyFest. I finally got around to seeing her main gig LoFi Delphi at a show in September and spent the rest of the night kicking myself for not seeking them out earlier; I was absolutely enamored with their brand of synthesizer-tinged indie pop, which mixes catchy melodies and powerful vocals with elements of rock ‘n’ roll to create music that’s just plain fun.


I definitely slept far too long on this band, so don’t make the same mistake that I did. TILT, their third EP, is being released this Friday, December 1st, and it’s an absolute banger.

TILT gives you five tracks of pure joy: rousing, ebullient choruses filled with gang vocals and harmonies, strong melodies that will stick in your brain, poetic lyrics that beg to be sung, and music that seamlessly glides between genres.

All the songs are great, but my favorite is easily “AimShoot,” a darker track about a broken relationship. The lyrics paint a picture that is so identifiable to anyone who has had love slip through their grasp, and the song is powerfully bittersweet, yet catchy and uplifting at the same time. It’s doesn’t seem like it should, but it works perfectly. I had a hard time finishing my review of this EP because I sat here listening to AimShoot on repeat for an embarrassingly long time, belting it out on the top of my lungs all the while. SO GOOD.

Everything works so well together: Andrew MacDonald’s guitar riffs trade off with Andrew Belsick’s moving bass lines, while Tyler Jessup holds everything down with his dancey drum beats and Gallagher ties it all up with her keys and that voice. My god, that voice (which brings me to another point: these songs are seriously singable.  The lyrics are clear and accessible, and I found myself humming along to melodies during my first pass through).

TILT is great the whole way through, from the opening notes of “Phone” to the close of “Tilt.” The music is solid, but above all, it’s fun to listen and sing along to. Are you a fan of strong female vocals and catchy pop hooks? LoFi Delphi is your band, and you should check out TILT.

Make sure you check out the TILT release show this Friday, December 1st, at the Funhouse at Mr Smalls. LoFi Delphi will be performing along with Wreck Loose, The Telephone Line, and Essential Machine, and the whole event will be hosted by Jeremy Caywood.

Can’t make the show? Preorder TILT on LoFi Delphi’s Bandcamp page.