The playlist is back! We’re updating the archive with a Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed / interviewed / mentioned on in August. Mental health is important, punks!

Not on Spotify:

Killer of Sheep – …The Kettle Black
Garter Shake – Alpha Creep
Side Eye – Waste My Time 2017
Proper People – Drinking Problem
The Scratch n’ Sniffs – Scraping By
Maytide – Pretty Little Fool
Fire at the Point – Deep and Simple
Kid Durango – The Rising
Evad & the Ominous Squad – Frame of Reference
Danny Brumbaugh the Psychic Beat One Man Band
Riley Pinkerton – The Queens Brigade
Atomic Peasant – Burning History
Jakethehawk – Witchy Weather
Feast on the Fallen – Coven of Flesh
Silence – Into the Chasm
Whitethrash – Agonal Breathing

No music found online, go see them at a show!
Crisis in America
Appalachia Underground
Mindless Chaos


Crooked Cobras – Breaking Down the Walls
Murder for Girls – Rocker Chick Vibe
Weapons of Choice – Peace Lilly
Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band – Creature from the Mon
Worlds Scariest Police Chases – Punk Rock Ruined My Life
The Danzas – Let the Wookie Win
The Filthy Lowdown – Embrace These Changes
Playoff Beard – Wayne Regretzky
Bottle Rat – Teenage Jacket
Latecomer – Current Events
Swiss Army – Carousel
Two Birds – Jelly (I Bought You a Ring)
Young Lungs – Scream It Out
Bindley Hardware Co. – Queen of the Upper Middle Class
Delicious Pastries – Something Else!
The Mondaze – Love Bomb
Life Is Short – Gum Band
Eternal Boy – Demons
Paper States – Be Alone
The Atom Age – It’s a Mess
Agnostic Front – Riot, Riot Upstart
Children of October – One Bite Together
Johnny and the Razorblades – Don’t Walk Out
The Isaac Merz Band – Seven Deadly Sins
Zack Keim – Alice
Nox Boys – The Witch
Slim Forsythe – Mother the Queen Of My Heart
The Renfields – Night of the Creeps
Only Flesh – Twitch
Dick Dale – Miserlou
Atomic Mosquitos – 77 No Pest Strip
When Particles Collide – Constant Disaster
Old Game – New Guns
Strap On Halo – Crimson Waves
Adrian H and The Wounds – Chim Chim Cher-ee
Morpheus Laughing – Skinny Puppy
The End of The Ocean – Worth Everything Ever Wished for
God Hates Unicorns – Cattywampus
Skye Light – Gaslight
Sketchy – Street Sharks
The Lippies – Fuck the Customer
Molly Alphabet – This Is Not A Test
Hearken – Sure Shock
Action Camp – Shakin’ All Over
Standard Broadcast – From Us Comes Karma
The Methmatics – Cultivated Hatred
The New 52 – I Am
Thunder Vest – Rad Girls
Cloud – Grim Reefer