Part two of our archival update! We’re updating the archive with a Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed / interviewed / mentioned on in September.

Not on Spotify:

Shiver – When Darkness Falls
The Mud City Manglers – Armstrong Park
The Struggle Bus – Devil and Me
Dumplings – You Can’t Dance
The Spectres – Baby, You’re Too Pretty To Rumble
Garter Shake – Hairnet
Lady Bizness – Racecar Riot
Cümplete Bastürds – Greybush
Embrace the Hostility – The Truth is Forseen
Soul Glo – Violence Against Black Women Goes Largely Unreported
LIFES – Nothing New
serpentine – i don’t wanna be a ghost
The Childlike Empress – Bullshit (Thom Hunter Cover)
Holy Rivals – Voices
JakeTheHawk – Syzygy
Jenny Morgan – Scattered Islands
Whitethrash – Agonal Breathing
Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! – Clever Girl
The Scratch n’ Sniffs – One of Them
God’s Green Apples – These Eyes
Timbeleza – Marciodum
CANT – Nature Trail to Hell
Enhailer – Hallow Tide
Archarus – Foe Hammer
EYE – Searching
Reflex Machine – Code of Conduct
Dead River – lucky dragon
The Bird Hour – Two Sides

No music found online, go see them at a show!

Jiant Eagle
Dorothy 6
Dead on the Streets
Maniacal Device
Black Moon Mistress
Dude Riot
Colonel Eagleburger’s High Stepping Good Time Band
The Allegheny Rhythm Rangers
Thë Nërd Hërdërs


Delicious Pastries – Safe & Sound
Dressy Bessy – If You Should Try To Kiss Her
Big Fresh, Kate Pope – Yes Yes Yes
of Montreal – Gronlandic Edit
The Music Tapes – City of Lights
Daikaiju – The Trouble With Those Mothra Girls
Absolutely Not – Communication
The Park Plan – Good Guy With a Gun
Lofi Delphi – Always the Quiet Ones
The Me Toos – All My Creatures
Playoff Beard – Patchwork
The Shutouts – Just Talk (Demo)
The Dark Lines – The Knife Song
Jeremy Caywood – Over and Under (Live)
The Gories – Hey, Hey We’re the Gories
Oblivians – Call the Police
Essential Machine – Steeples
Wreck Loose – Make It out Alive
Weapons of Choice – Newage
The Homisides – A.T.A. (Anti-Trump Army)
Agnostic Front – For My Family
The Filthy Lowdown – Don’t Wear Yourself Thin
Majority Rule – The Sin In Grey
Multicult – Foreign Object
worlds greatest dad – Sorry, Anna
Hearken – Wake Up
Soft Girl – I Am a Fox
Solarburn – Scumbag Inc.
The Long Hunt – The Bitter Dawn
Motometerr – I Mosh Me
Mala Sangre – El Androide
Planet Claire – Ballistic
Crooked Cobras – Blood of the Working Man
Liss Victory – Bitter Waltz
Jasmine Tate – Heaven’s Balcony
Superdrag – Sucked Out
Cheap Trick – Surrender
The Queers _- Punk Rock Girls
Children of October – Zodiac
Latecomer – 86
Kaelber – Something German
Old Game – Refrigerator Magnets
DinoSoul – Won’t Hate You
Monolith Wielder – No Hope, No Fear
Horseburner – David
Wasted Theory – Get Loud or Get Fucked
Foghound – Above The Wake
Clouds Taste Satanic – Enthroned
Brimstone Coven – Black Magic
The Midnight Ghost Train – Foxhole
Earthride – Hacksaw Eyeball
Stinking Lizaveta – Witches and Pigs
Penance – Cloudless
Valkyrie – Mountain Stomp
Thunder Vest – It’s All About Me
Action Item – The Start of Something
Slim Forsythe – Wreck on the Highway
The Turbosonics – Jennette’s Pier
Rule of Two – Relapse
Father Flamethrower – Last Saturday’s Song
Molly Drag – Other Hunger
Past Life – Social Suicide
Shin Guard – Break Me Down
Black Pussy – Into Your Cosmic
Stone Cold Killer – Locked and Loaded
Old Lords – Damn These Angels
Distant Futures – Cabernet
Shelf Life String Band – Surrender
Zombii – Loose Ends