We’re updating the archive with a Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed / interviewed / mentioned on Punksburgh.com in October.

Not on Spotify:

Rocky Dennis Face – SUV’s and Reality T.V.
Jenny and the Jags – Hung Me Out To Dry
Blue Clutch – (Live at the Rex Theater 06.06.17)
Francis Fitzgerald – I Lost My Eye
Gabe Reed – Blinded (Demo)
The HiGH – Box Set Go
Crisp Lake – Penniless Gentry
Pittonkatonk – WC?B Pittonkatonk, 2016_5
May Day Marching Band – Systematic Death
Eighth Whale – Toying In Low Temperatures
Dusklight Trio – Building Castles
Horehound – World to Come
JakeTheHawk – Horizon
Slugss – Flight Chief
Freedom Hawk – Blood Red Sky
Dylan Rooke and Red Coal – Work Hard Rest Easy
Elkhound – 20 Years
Late. – JoJo
JC Nickles – Bottom (Live at the Smiling Moose 2017)
Unfurl – Linger
The Legendary Hucklebucks – Blazin’ Wheels
The Scratch n’ Sniffs – 54 sec.
Urns – Curse (pre-production demo)
Professor Emcee Square – Scared to Death seg
Anthony Heubel – Ode to Jessie (Live at Bushnel)
Blood Pressure – Disconnected
Eel – Low Life // Dead // Violent Anarky // Bars Is Prisons // Who Kill Bum?
Killer of Sheep – …THE KETTLE BLACK
Oakhaven – Wanderer
Bernies – Bernie Come Back
Garter Shake – Alpha Creep

The Shutouts – Saturday Night at the Bunk House

The Jaggerz – Love Music

Whitethrash – Agonal Breathing

We were unable to find them online, catch them at a show!:

The Ploughman’s Lunch
Gran Gila
Pond Hockey
Todd Knepp
Dale Mangold
Gas Tiger
The Railroad City Murder Machines 
The Torn Apart Hearts


Lacking Restraint – Prayer For All
NoTalent – Winter
Liss Victory – Kodachrome Heart
Jeremy Caywood – Wings That Spread (Live)
GWAR – Sick of You
Barb Wire Dolls – Revolution
The Manx – There Is a Time
Joey Molinaro – Tortoise, Hare and Skygazer
Grails – Broken Ballad
Emily Rodgers – In the City
Monolith Wielder – Best Intentions
Action Camp – You Don’t Even Know My Name
Old Game – Dreamer
The Long Hunt – Gate of the Night
Murder for Girls – Start Over
Bunny Five Coat – Beauty Myth
Short Fictions – Abject of your Affection
Surf Bored – Gotta Give up to Get Down
Tim Barry – Riverbank
Gallows Bound – Fauna’s Song
Roger Harvey – Two Coyotes
Biters – Chasin’ the Feeling
The Cheats – Run For Your Life
Aquarocket – Pearl Moon
Lucky Me – Best Thing
Gleasons Drift – Knockout Queen
Bryan McQuaid – Set Me Up
Arlo Aldo – Sleep
Devin Moses & the Saved – The Finish
Tim Vitullo – A Different Kind of Blue
Cisco Kid – Genial Gene
The Telephone Line – Hey Babe
The Gothees – The Hell of It
Dissidente – Amputee
Children of October – When We Wanna Party
The Filthy Lowdown – Don’t Wear Yourself Thin
Jeff Riddle & the Bella Vista Social Club – Worthless Original
Ryan Azada – Return to Nothing 🙂
Run, Forever – Good Enough
Cotopaxi – Exceptionally Ordinary
tap shorts – Groundhogs Day
CJ Ramone – Let’s Go
Michale Graves – Nobody Thinks About Me
Xs for Eyes – No Way Out
Playoff Beard – Preemptive Strike
LateComer – Hard to Arrange
Black Table – Shadow
Hexist – All Signs Of Hell
The Homisides – A.T.A. (Anti-Trump Army)
Ghost Key – Death In The Family
Coldfront – Everything You Want Me to Be
Improvidence – The Crypt
Twinsmith – Alligator Years
delicious pastries – International Tanlines
Thanks Dad – Tears of a Clown
Nightmarathons – Arrogance
The Red Western – Mountain Air
Weapons of Choice – Lockstep
Bottle Rat – Bartender Please
Edhochuli – Four Nice Haircuts and Then We End It
One If By Land – Living Rooms and Basements
Remainders – Trying Too Hard
The Park Plan – Us You and Them
Sloppy Seconds – Lonely Christmas
Thunder Vest – Look Ma
Sleep – The Clarity
OM – Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead

Strange Monsters – Don’t Wanna Pay