Are you super bummed about being single? Dispirited with the online dating scene? Are you getting tired of the monotony of your day to day? Are you really into Anime and Batman references? Do you enjoy Newbery Medal winners from 1998 that have been made into beloved feature films staring the delightfully unstable Shia Labeouf? BBGuns does.

Thirst is the debut project from BBGuns (Barz Blackman and Lazy JP, formerly known as LAZYBLACKMAN). Most of the record was produced by C Scott in addition to Krackill$Shade, CobainGlo Phase, jacquesmybeats, and Logan Sound. It also includes features from Mrs.Paintbrush, Walkman, and Romance Nyogu.

The project’s production is primarily boom bap beats mixed with dance music elements. JP croons over every track’s chorus with vocals that remind me of a mix between Kurt Cobain and Alanis Morissette. JP is far from a one trick pony as he keeps his verses tight and fast, sounding like an upbeat Eyedea (RIP). Barz has a much deeper and commanding voice reminiscent of Killa Mike and Captain Murphy that works perfectly with JP’s voice, leveling out the sometimes upbeat tracks.

It’s easy to get lost in this record; I’ve been playing it when I draw, as the smooth flow and lack of abrasiveness makes for great easy listening. But the complex verses and high energy on songs like “Drive” make you want blow your speakers out while you drive 90 miles per hour down the parkway.

The record Thirst is about just that: being a thirsty person in 2018, dealing with a world full of dating apps that is strange to navigate for those of us who remember a time before we were swiping left and right. This somewhat heavy issue does not bog down the record, however, as clever metaphors and pop culture references keep the album easy to process.

BBGuns performing on Saturday, 2/10

Some of my favorite tracks from this album include:

Drive: For me, this track is the heart of the album. The song opens up with my favorite verse on the record and Barz and JP’s vocals are at their best. I recommend listening to this track while you drive very fast or while you are watching Lupin the III on mute.

Dreamcast: This song stopped me in my internet surfing tracks weeks ago, and is the reason I am writing this review right now. It’s a bit more dancy than the rest of the album, but every record should have a song that makes you shake your ass at someone you love.

Ghost in the Shell slows it down quite a bit, but sends those funky vibes from your fingers to your toes. Spark the sativa, sit back, and relax with this one.

Overall this record is incredibly solid. The rapping, singing, and production work together and complement one another. It doesn’t force itself into a box defined by genres and rules. This is something that I think modern music, especially hip hop, is lacking and it sets them apart from other artists.

Thirst is currently streaming on your favorite site and available for download at their Bandcamp.

Get your butt down to KARMA this Friday (2/16/18) at 9:00 for the release show with Slugss, Moemaw NaedonJack Swing, and Romance Nyogu. C.Scott will be DJing. Live painting will be provided by ChuDante LombardiDanielle Robinson, and Anton Bachman. Tickets are $10 and available for purchase online.