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Punksburgh Playlist “The Lost Time” Part 4: November

We’re updating the archive with a Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed / interviewed / mentioned on Punksburgh.com in November.

Not on Spotify:

Liverball – Bullet for Your Thoughts
Paris Green (formerly Sub Rosa) – Real Live Redhead
Buildings – I Don’t Love My Dog Anymore
Glow Worm – Vapid Age
Unreliable Narrator – A Dream Deferred Is a Dream Denied
The Existential Gentlemen – On the Far Side of Hell
156/Silence – Inundated by Memories
The Sea, Like Lead – a new mythology
The Scratch ‘n Sniffs – Scraping By…
Paradise Kitty – Sweet Child O’ Mine (cover)
The Shadow Event – Footsteps
Burned – Hate to See You Go
Horehound – The Dead Don’t Lie
Choir – Eat Your Heart Out
Dead River – save you
JC Nickles – Tone Deaf (acoustic)
fuck yeah, dinosaurs! – Raptors on Acid
Supercharger – I Want It Bad
Cultivator – Tied In Knots
Bernies – Bernie Mac Attack is Back, Jack
Derider – Fail By Example
Sam Pellegrino – Male Bonding Over Women
Look Out Loretta – WKND GTWY
Slugss – Bone
Garter Shake – Alpha Creeps
Good Grief – Sang You to Sleep
Knight Terror – Bonefire
Peace Talks the Electric Word Life Band – Demonstration
Bending – Cycles
Perverts Again – My Accident
Tiny Engines – Paws
Rue – Star Swimmers
Lorenzo’s Oil – Trying Too Hard
DICEY – Vol. 149
Tears of Joy – Liquor Store
Birds – Falling
Soda Club – Turn Me Down
Milly – Throw It Away
Whitethrash – New World
Dead on the Streets – Early Grave
Silver Car Crash – Seeing Lightning
Video Tapes – Personal Favor
fake friends – Finally Found

Not found online, catch them at a show!:
The Steelhouse Pickers
The Candescents
Dylan Rooke and Red Coal
Almost Extinct
Gas Tiger
Old Man Rob
Duquesne Light Orchestra
Lullaby Engine
Jetpack Audible


  1. Mike Watt – Against the 70’s
  2. Guided By Voices – A Salty Salute
  3. Sonic Youth – Kool Thing
  4. Derketa – Until Our Death
  5. R.E.M. – Strange
  6. Throwing Muses – Bright Yellow Gun
  7. The McCoys – Hang On Sloopy
  8. The Beatles – All My Loving
  9. Leprosy – No Podran Parar el Tren
  10. Klaymore – Decisive Battle
  11. Lady Beast – Lone Hunter
  12. Defy the Tide – Upon the Looking Glass
  13. Dethlehem – Oathbound
  14. Solarburn – Because Fuck You John
  15. Only Flesh – Put My Love in You
  16. Einsturzende Neubauten – Zuckendes Fleisch
  17. Neurosis – Locust Star
  18. Godflesh – Xnoybis
  19. Helmet – FBLA II
  20. Wire – Pink Flag (2006 Remastered Version)
  21. The Jesus Lizard – Mouth Breather
  22. Calyx – Money Blood
  23. Wiz Khalifa – Letterman
  24. Don Caballero – Railroad Cancellation
  25. Rodan – Shiner
  26. Rolo Tomassi – Balancing the Dark
  27. Phat Man Dee – Adam and Eve
  28. Ishtar – Center of Your Soul
  29. Rockin Bones – Something’s Goin’ Wrong
  30. VISTA – Inside Anxious
  31. Vertigo – But They Share the Same Sky
  32. Victoria Morgan – Know Better
  33. Kahone Concept – Forefront
  34. The Cryptkeeper Five – The East Horizon
  35. Children of October – Riverside Suicide
  36. The Big Bad – We Own This Town
  37. Ego Likeness – Sirens and Satellites
  38. The Rain Within – Thunderheart
  39. Adoration Destroyed – Voices Carry
  40. Red Lokust – Speechless
  41. Tragic Impulse – Broken Glass
  42. The Delaneys – The Line
  43. Curse the Son – Gaslighter
  44. Brimstone Coven – Black Magic
  45. Vacation – Pyro Hippies
  46. Bat Zuppel – Away to Drown
  47. Swim Team – Reanimator
  48. Molly Alphabet – Lickin’ The Windows
  49. Crooked Cobras – Terrible Things
  50. Mala Sangre – Picando Piedra
  51. Jeff Betten – Small Doses
  52. Wreck Loose – I Do Right
  53. Zoob – Dirty Mind
  54. Andre Costello and the Cool Minors – Took Our Cause
  55. Seedy Players – Julia
  56. Searights – Wave of Love
  57. Manic Soul – You Better Run (Live)
  58. Morgan Erina – I Promise I Won’t Call
  59. Chet Vincent & The Big Bend – Dirty Money
  60. Zack Keim – Sweet Memories
  61. Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six – In the Grey
  62. Trash Boy – Lizard People
  63. Action Camp – War at My Side
  64. Like No Tomorrow – Side Effects
  65. Weapons of Choice – All I Want
  66. The Homisides – A.T.A. (Anti-Trump Army)
  67. Divine Tragedy – Flesh and Blood
  68. Alter the Design – Nothingness
  69. Dead Bars – Earplug Girl
  70. Playoff Beard – Bad Ideas
  71. The EFFECTS – Anchors Aweigh
  72. TR3 – See You In Your Dreams
  73. Tim Vitullo – Pretty Good
  74. The Deep Vees – Shutdown
  75. The Promise Hero – Sorry About That
  76. Sleepy Limbs – Sweet and Sour
  77. Selfhelpme – Road
  78. Murder for Girls – Christina R.
  79. Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
  80. Bratmobile – Gimme Brains
  81. Calamity Jane – Miss Hell
  82. Kim Deal – Walking With a Killer
  83. T-Tops – Wipedown
  84. City Steps – Procrastination Game
  85. Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
  86. Stereolab – Brakhage
  87. delicious pastries – Radial Blur
  88. The Applies In Stereo – Strawberryfire
  89. of Montreal – Lysergic Bliss
  90. Elf Power – A Grey Cloth Covering My Face
  91. Beulah – Popular Mechanics for Lovers
  92. The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – Virginia Plain
  93. Lofi Delphi – Aimshoot
  94. Wreck Loose – I Do Right
  95. The Telephone Line – I Already Know
  96. Essential Machine – Paper and Stars
  97. Jeremy Caywood – Over and Under (Live)
  98. The Danger of Falling – Her/Being
  99. Shotgun Surgeon – Advent
  100. Born Without Bones – The Camera Turns
  101. Super American – Missing Pieces
  102. In Motion – Attention Addict
  103. Bindley Hardware Co. – Alright, All Ready!
  104. Pale Waves – There’s a Honey
  105. Lawn Care – Biddy Lounge Song
  106. The Sonder Bombs – End of My Daze
  107. Sikes and the New Violence – Low Expectations
  108. BBGuns – Willow
  109. The Dark Lines – The Knife Song
  110. Stone Cold Killer – Locked and Loaded
  111. CKY – Flesh Into Gear
  112. Worst Kept Secret – Second Take
  113. Blackbird Bullet – Sideways
  114. Today Is the Best Day Ever – Laugh More, You’re Dying
  115. Curse Words – Cigarettes Don’t Grow on Trees
  116. Mikey Erg – Comme Si About Me
  117. The Ergs! – Kind of Like Smitten
  118. Worriers – Future Me
  119. Save Ends – Surf Bed
  120. Black Numbers – Love Me Like I Do
  121. The Lopez – Sea Babies
  122. Old Game – Ah!pathetic
  123. There You Are – Perfect Crime
  124. Winter Makes Sailors – I Want to Sing It Loud
  125. David Bazan – Both Hands
  126. Michael Nau – Love Survive
  127. Bleep Bloop – K-9 Unit
  128. Sayer – Human Error
  129. Stuyedeyed – Funeral
  130. Tremoravia – Mars
  131. Karma To Burn – Fifty Seven
  132. Doctor Smoke – The Willow
  133. The Long Hunt – The Sparrow
  134. St. Dude – Shellshock
  135. Pixies – Here Comes Your Man
  136. ABBA – Take A Chance On Me
  137. The Weird Paul Rock Band – Garage Band
  138. The Danzas – High on the Hog
  139. Jill Sobule – I Kissed A Girl
  140. Liverball – Chicken Hawke
  141. Greywalker – Sinking Ship
  142. False Profit – Fuck You
  143. Crash Academy – Sad State
  144. Getaway Car – Ex (Yeah I’m Not the Same)
  145. Distant Futures – Post Office
  146. String Machine – Go to Canada
  147. Surf Bored – The World Unseen
  148. Anarbor – Rock To My Roll
  149. Sundressed – Beck and Call
  150. Vertigo – Do What You Will
  151. Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band – Dialated Poop Holes
  152. Johnny and the Razorblades – Seventeen
  153. Old Lords – Buried at Sea
  154. Iron Jawed Guru – Black Fortress
  155. Fruit & Flowers – Out of Touch
  156. Hearken – Sure Shock
  157. OC45 – Smoke and Mirrors

Punksburgh Playlist “The Lost Time” Part 1: August

The playlist is back! We’re updating the archive with a Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed / interviewed / mentioned on Punksburgh.com in August. Mental health is important, punks!

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Review: Farewell Glowworms & HELL-O, Buildings! – The Rock Room 11/18/17

I can’t even recall how I caught wind of the band Buildings, regardless I had and I was very excited to see the trio self-described as a punk outfit. I had previewed the band a bit on bandcamp and even though I liked it I wasn’t quite sure that it lived up to the possibly self-inflicted hype or that they were truly “punk.”

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Weekend Roundup: 11/10 – 11/12

This weekend is going to be full of release shows, rad punk, some metal, a sprinkle of ska, and overall a good time. We hope to see you out at a show!

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Coming soon: The Metal Edge

You may recall our interview with The River’s Edge where we discussed a coming expansion to the network. We are excited to announce that we have received a press release regarding that launch, which you’ll find below.

Welcome to The Metal Edge!

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Weekend Roundup: 11/3 – 11/5

Lauren here with your weekend listing of shows. As always, we’ve got three days full of diverse shows featuring a solid mix of local and touring acts. Anyone who says that the Pittsburgh music scene is dead obviously has no clue. Make this the weekend that you leave your comfort zone and try something new… there’s so much talent in our city!

Note to bands: I compile this list from invites that I’m sent and events that pop up on Facebook. If you want to make sure your show is included on this list, drop us a line!

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May Day Marching Band: a band by, of, & for the people (and their parties!)

On a beautifully mild and pleasant October evening, Pittsburghers of all stripes gathered in the normally quiet hamlet of Greenfield to rejoice in the re-opening of The Greenfield Bridge, a main thoroughfare connecting the community to Schenley Park and Oakland! Crafts, games, and delicious food trucks abounded, but my main reason for attending, and the perfect musical accompaniment, was a performance by the city’s own community-based band, The May Day Marching Band.

After a bombastic announcement that the bridge would, indeed, be dedicated in the spirit of Wonder by a colorful and impish Master-of-Ceremonies of sorts, The M.D. Marching Band led the procession to the “Wonder” maypole and back with a rousing rendition of “Song for Wonder,” a tune based on “Daniel Prayed” by the late, great Dr. Ralph Stanley and personalized for the event with words by Connor Sites-Bowen. The Marching Band did a fantastic job, especially considering that they had been presented with the song a mere twenty minutes before their performance. Once returning to center-bridge, the band really had a chance to shine, playing a song by Lokonon Andre & Les Volcans, “Mi Kple Dogveckpo” and a cover of the Peruvian folk song “Bella Andajena” in a spirited circle jam complete with frenzied dancing swirling around them.

Much to the disappointment of myself and the crowd, their set and celebration was cut short for some prolonged oration rife with political name-dropping prior to the bridge’s ribbon cutting. Although fun and carefree, the whole event seemed a bit disorganized. There was even a “parade” across the bridge in which the Marching Band didn’t appear to be invited to play in, a true loss.

Undeterred, the MDMB pulled double-duty that day by playing a full set at the burgeoning Glitter Box Theater, only breaking for a group meal, which is one of their only indulgences when compensated for their performances. The group of anywhere up to twenty musicians at any given appearance pride themselves on their volunteerism and have got an impressive resume to boast it, having played this year’s Women’s March on Washington and as far away as Boston’s renowned HONK! Festival in their seven or eight year career.

What’s so punk about a marching band? How about a Crass cover? Filmed by & featuring Punksburgh‘s own Thomas Koraido!

Meanwhile, back at home in the ‘bugh, the band have been a mainstay at Pittonkatonk‘s free-for-all May Day Brass BBQ. Ever evolving and expanding, the band invites musicians of all skill levels to join them under the Bloomfield Bridge from 2 – 4 pm for open practice every Sunday for as long as the weather remains above fifty degrees, after which you are invited to join them in the toasty indoors! I’ve been assured that dancers are welcome as well, although the inside spaces may prevent such revelry. Email for inside practice locations: maydayband@riseup.net.

Experience the socially-conscious party that is the May Day Marching Band for yourself when they play at Howlers on October 25th with L.A.’s folk-metal The Manx and locals Joey Molinaro playing grindcore violin, and Crisp Lake (Chris Blake, ha!) playing hobo street music, from what I gather. Sounds like a good time to me!

“You Know, That One Place”: Big Jim’s, Zano’s Pub House

Welcome back, fine purveyors of the hidden gems that are the pubs, tap houses, bars, and lounges we are here to celebrate, nurture, and cherish. For this rendition, I was able to make the most of the night and take a double dip in the Greenfield area, specifically down the hill and “in the run,” i.e., the valley area of Greenfield underneath the parkway east where you can watch fine Pittsburgh motorists approach the tunnel at a mean speed of three miles an hour, but also stop for some solid food, great deals, and friendly people.

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#SharePGHMusicMonth: Gahara “don’t do covers,” + bonus video, Mud City Manglers!

Don’t let the byline fool you, today’s pick & piece comes form Old Man McGee, who is probably my best resource for new local music. Enjoy!

It is #SharePGHMusicMonth after all, so I took a minute to chat with my old friend, Benj, who helms the drums for local heavy riff band Gahara. They’ve been together around four years now, but these cats all have former lives in other prolific local bands like Shiver, Vega, Gigantis, and the appropriately named The Burning Sensations. So really, they’ve been around for years and if you’ve ever caught them live their experience is apparent, as they tend to own the stage.

I asked Benj how he would describe their sound to which he replied, “heavy ball bashing riffage,” which is probably more apt than anything I would have come up with! Typically, when describing their sound I reference bands like Fu Manchu and Black Sabbath. Benj has recently re-discovered the joy of Mickey’s Wide Mouth bottles and when I asked about the band’s influences, he responded:

“We just do our own thing. We’re all a little older now, so we don’t really care about what’s cool. We write songs that we like and we don’t really write to fit any style or genre. We don’t do covers.”

Don’t take this “heavy” talk too far though, ’cause these guys still put on a fun show and know how to have a good time while dragging you along for the ride!

Gahara wrapped up a series of summer shows with Brews and Brushes at Black Forge Coffee House last month as part of the wind up to the Brewtal Beer Fest 2 that went down on September 9th. They’re working on getting their songs studio ready and are planning to record and self release a full length album in 2018.
Since it is #SharePGHMusicMonth I asked Benj to hit us with a local band people should know about. He said, “go check out the Mud City Manglers, cause those guys rock.”

T. Punbchbowl here again. Since we uncharacteristically missed a day of this celebratory month (Monday must have been manic,) we decided to double-dose you today! Also enjoy this track from Benji’s recommended band, Pittsburgh mainstay Punk ‘N Rollers, The Mud City Manglers! This track is from Mind Cure Records October 2013 Single of The Month, but you can sample songs from their 2016 release, “Heart Full of Hate” on ReverbNation.

pgh music meme 7

#SharePghMusicMonth Killer Of Sheep

Do you really fucking hate systematic oppression, abuse of power, and scumbag cops? If so, we should grab a case of beer and listen to some Killer Of Sheep records, and talk about how we’re gonna build stronger communities.  KOS are a four piece hardcore punk outfit from our fine city that are pissed off in all the right ways. They just released their record “Scorned” last month at Skullfest. You can pick it up from Cruel Noise or buy it online directly from Taang Records. Catch them playing September 28 at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls during the Pabst coloring book art show. 

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