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No One Expects the Punksburgh Inquisition: Carrie Battle (Jiant Eagle/Robin Vote)



Source: Dream Phone’s facebook page


For today’s inquisition, we spoke to Carrie Battle – resident badass who contributes her ever-evolving styles and talents to a myriad of bands.  Always pushing herself out of her comfort zone, Carrie currently has a super secret project in the works that we here at Punksburgh highly anticipate.  She provided a window into her musical world with her following answers:

Current band(s)

Jiant Eagle, Robin Vote, and a secret new band yet to be named.

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Show Review: Dwarves / Decent Criminal / Thunder Vest / Porno Tongue / Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band @ Belvederes (6/7/17)

Hordes of punk rockers braved the hipster-filled streets of Lawrenceville on Wednesday night, making their way to the safe confines of Belvederes to see the almighty Dwarves. This show, one that I was eagerly looking forward to, marked just about a year since the last time these punk rock legends were in town, and the crowd was ready to party.


The (blurry) Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band

Appropriately enough, the first band up was the Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band. These locals came prepared as they always do, stocked with party hats, confetti poppers, noise makers, and lots and lots of balloons. This sextet plays some loud and fast ska-punk, and the light-hearted nature of their songs is made clear by such song titles as “Party Pooper” and “Shart Attack.” When lead singer and guitarist Polka Kapolka shouts, “Let’s get ready to stumble!” you know you’re in for a good time. Plus they’ve got the coolest horn section in town. SFTAPBʻs next show is June 22nd at the Buzzbin Art & Music shop in Canton, OH with Clownvis Presley, Whiskey Daredevils, and Subourbon Son.

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Shows I’m Looking Forward to in June

Iʻm back home, (mostly) recovered from Vegas, and the school year is just about over, which means it’s time to become nocturnal and go to all. the. freaking. shows. Here are five (plus a bonus out of town show!) that Iʻm especially looking forward to hitting up this month.

I saw Buffalo’s On The Cinder earlier this year playing at The Fallout Shelter (also with Evad & the Ominous Squad), and they rocked hard. Iʻm looking forward to round two. I’ve also been trying to catch the newly reunited Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs!, but something has always come up. Not this time, universe!

The Dwarves put on a crazy good show, plus you get local favorites Thunder Vest, Porno Tongue, and those festive lads at the Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band. Itʻs been ages since I’ve seen either Thunder Vest or Porno Tongue, so I’m psyched. Donʻt miss out on this stacked lineup in the cozy comfort of Lawrenceville’s favorite dive bar. I promise you’ll have a super fun time. It will be an awesome party. There will be bands.

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