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Denzell Hits All The Right Garage-Punk Notes on “Tour Tape”

I don’t need some punk-rock band to hand over the verdict that, yeah, things are pretty bleak. Even if the Pussy-Grabber-In-Chief weren’t trying to run the show – let me just pause on that for a second and enjoy the thought – the world has no shortage of proof that we’re hurtling toward the eye of the apocalypse. Wait, wait, or are we?

Pittsburgh punk quintet Denzell seems to stake its reputations on different claims. On Tour Tape, its recent EP – released, appropriately, for the group’s November East Coast tour – the group makes garage-punk that’s as fun to listen to as it seems fun to play. Tapping into the jangly guitar-enthusiasms of Pavement; the dissonant, two-guitar shards of Sonic Youth at its rocking-est; and even a touch of – let me get obscure for a minute here – Latimer’s proto-grunginess, these guys are out to dictate that you don’t need to wrap your arms around tragedy to cop your bonafides.

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Show I’m Looking Forward to in July

The universe must know that my birthday is in July, because there are SO MANY good shows this month. I attempted to follow the same format as my June post (5 shows plus a bonus out of town show); it did not end well. Even still, I had to make some tough decisions.

If you’ve ever seen Cumplete Basturds before, you know why I’m recommending this show; those guys are absolutely hilarious. Throw in Lansbury (featuring star drummer Tim Little) and Punksburgh favorites Crooked Cobras and you’re in for one hell of a night. But let’s be honest: a free show at my favorite bar on the night before the Fourth of July? You should be there already.

That is one hell of a lineup. If you’ve been following us you’ve likely seen the praise heaped upon the latter three bands, but Ft. Wayne’s Flamingo Nosebleed is also not to be missed. Make sure you also stop by Black Forge Coffee House beforehand to pregame with The Invalid People / Six Speed Kill / Wax Brain.

There are so many great choices for this night, but I had to give it to the guys in Punchline since they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary; stay tuned for our interview with them in a few days. If I weren’t going to this show I’d definitely be at the Homeless Gospel Choir / Early Riser show. Or celebrating Brendaʻs birthday with Old Game / The Park Plan at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. Anyone got a spare Time-Turner lying around?

WHAT A FUCKING DAY. I would honestly be happy to attend either one of these shows, but because the first one is a MATINEE, it’s possible to hit up both. Stop by Spirit in the afternoon for some pizza, skateboarding, and Captain, We’re Sinking, who are touring in support of their new album. The evening continues with a rather intimate gathering at the Funhouse with Canadians The Flatliners and Pkew Pkew Pkew. We are going to shows before we go to shows?

I know that SOME PEOPLE are too cool for Warped Tour, but I am not one of them (unsurprisingly, there’s actually very little that I am too cool for). My goals for Warped are to eat a giant ice cream cone for lunch and to see as much of Save Ferris, Gwar, Barb Wire Dolls, Big D and the Kids Table, Eternal Boy, Street Dogs, War on Women, the Adolescents, the Alarm, Anti-Flag, the Ataris, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, and Sick of it All as possible.

Basically all my favorite bands are playing. Go. Word has it that The Danzas‘s set will feature a guest singer; I’m not gonna spoil it, but I’ve heard that she likes quirky dresses and runs a music blog. You’ll just have to check it out.

Come celebrate my birthday with me at this hella rad show! If you’re not familiar with Worriers, you should be; they were just signed by SideOneDummy and are definitely going places. With Aussie rockers Camp Cope and local grunge greats Hearken (starring local legend Donny Donovan) added in the mix, you definitely shouldn’t miss this show. But it’s my birthday, so you were gonna be there anyway, yeah? In case you were wondering, I like sour candy and anything that mixes chocolate with peanut butter.

It’s Lawn Care‘s album release show. That’s pretty much all you need to know! Old Game and Rue are icing on the cake. I had a ton of fun chatting with the Lawn Care guys recently, and their interview will be out as soon as I tackle transcribing Cameron’s half hour thesis on music genres. Show is only five bucks, but you get in free in when you preorder the album, so just go do that.

I absolutely adore Tegan and Sara; they absolutely blew me away when they were at Stage AE last year. Driving four hours round trip to see them? NOT A PROBLEM.


Ladyfest Recap II: Gooski’s (6/23/17)

After witnessing five solid performances at The Shop, I headed over to Gooski’s to continue my night of Ladyfesting.


Old Game

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Hardcore Solstice: Submachine / Crack House / Mower / Frustrate / Bed Sore @ Gooski’s (6/21/17)

It was the longest day of the year on Wednesday. A great day to spend outdoors, maybe lie under the stars in the evening and enjoy a nice quiet peaceful night. Or you could work all day and spend the remainder of your evening getting shithoused in a dark, smoke-filled bar blowing out your eardrums. I’ll take the latter. If you believed that the event would start at 8 (according to the FB event page) you must not get out to Gooski’s very often (you should). However, I rolled in around 8:15 to play it safe. I was pleased to find Jeff from Submachine sitting next to me. He dropped some knowledge on me about coming up in the eighties and some history of the local punk and hardcore scene. After a few PBRs and a “safety meeting” in the alley Bed Sore was about to start at ten (regular time).

To start off the show, Gooski’s housed two heavy-hitting hardcore bands from Lexington, Kentucky: Bed Sore and Frustrate. Both bands are on the analog label Stomped Out Records and operate out of the DIY space Hometron (ask a punk). Both bands had a similar very heavy, abrasive, driving, hardcore sound. Bed Sore’s vocalist had higher, more shrill, voice than Frustrate and an interesting stage presence–he just stared out into the audience without blinking, all bug-eyed and shit, while he screamed his fucking lungs out. During the song N.O.A.D. (nod off and die), he started flailing around on the ground and pretended to try to suck some dudeʻs dick.

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Lookahead to Ladyfest! This Weekend: 6/23/17 – 6/25/17

ladyfest 3

Happy Solstice! Festival season is upon us and this weekend brings us the females in the forefront Ladyfest! Founded in Olympia, Washington in 2000, this year’s festivities mark it’s fifth year in Pittsburgh. Boasting a 40 (!) band line-up, the three-day event is organized by participating bands The Lopez and Brazilian Wax, with a moderately-sized army of volunteers from all walks of life in tow. As if rocking out with your favorite female ensembles isn’t enough, the whole festival serves to benefit The Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh!

With SO many great artists appearing this year, I figured I’d take the opportunity to mention some of the acts that I’m hoping to catch!

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Metal Monday: Lady Beast @ Parts Unknown… aka Gooski’s (6/10/17)

This guest post was written by Steve

It was a bit of an open secret that celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was in town recently, filming for his TV show Parts Unknown. Sightings were scarce and his itinerary was kept very hush hush. However, those who are die-hard fans of Lady Beast, one of Pittsburgh’s best and most popular metal bands, received an invitation to support Lady Beast and be part of an Anthony Bourdain taping.


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Show Review: Dead River / Reflex Machine / Holy Rivals @ Gooski’s (6/17/17)

As we noted in our weekend overview post yesterday, Saturday was full of good show choices. I ended up in the divey, smoky environs of Gooski’s for a night of some unique music. Once again I was joined by Punksburgh’s Gooski’s correspondent, Ray Kolcun of Crooked Cobras, who chimed in with his observations.

As always, the show was running on punk time, so things didn’t get started until 10:45 or so, giving me plenty of time to interview Dead River before they hit the stage (stay tuned for that!). This three piece plays a mix of punk and grunge. The songs are fast and aggressive, punctuated by the occasional guitar solo. Guitarist Dan sings most songs while bassist Eugene takes over occasionally. The sound is rad and different from most “typical” punk bands. If you missed Dead River, you can find them next at the Deutschtown Music Festival, playing Huszar at 4pm on Saturday 7/15. You can find their music on Bandcamp.

Dead River

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Show Review: On The Cinder / Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! / Evad & The Ominous Squad @ Gooski’s (6/6/17)

The universe did not conspire against me and I made it to the first of my anticipated shows for June on Tuesday. I ended up meeting a buddy, Ray from the Crooked Cobras, at the show and he graciously agreed to share some thoughts about each of the bands, since he has things like “musical talent” and “an encyclopedic knowledge of punk rock dating back to the late ’70s” that I woefully lack. His comments will appear after my ramblings.

First on stage was Evad & The Ominous Squad. I always enjoy seeing Dave (hint: that’s Evad backwards; ask to see the tattoo) and the rest of the gang. Their music is straight punk with some poppy undertones, and it pays tribute to the solo acoustic performances Dave did before joining up with drummer Jon and bassist Josh. You can next see them playing on July 20th at Moondogs Pub in Blawnox with The Full Monty and Rocky Dennis Face.


Ray sez: they’ve got a melodic, 90s punk rock sound, and would be right at home in that era of Fat Wreck Chords. Or Epitaph, but back when Epitaph didn’t suck. They also had vibes of The Offspring (unless they don’t like The Offspring? I don’t want to insult them). I thought the drummer was especially solid. 

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Show Review: SNAFU / Killer Of Sheep / Grime Scene at Gooski’s (6/4/17)

Grime Scene opened the show with really great  hardcore set. This was only their fourth show but the three piece played super tight. The guitar/vox dude was really animated while he played, which made for a very entertaining show. Stay on the lookout for Grime Scene, they fucking shred.

Personal local favorites of mine, Killer Of Sheep, played next. They banged out their last set until August 22. The crew is taking a bit of a break while their vocalist Free spreads love and hip hop across Europe with his solo act Billy Pilgram. If you like hardcore and hate cops this is the band for you. Keep an eye out for their new record due out on August 21st.

SNAFU finished the night off with a short set; things were cut short due to equipment issues. The four piece from Detroit were all over the place with their sound–these dread heads were very talented musicians. They started off with a super heavy thrash sound, then moved to a classic hardcore vibe, then got super heavy and  doomy. The guitar harmonies were tight and three vocalists gave the band a cool vocal range.

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Shows I’m Looking Forward to in June

Iʻm back home, (mostly) recovered from Vegas, and the school year is just about over, which means it’s time to become nocturnal and go to all. the. freaking. shows. Here are five (plus a bonus out of town show!) that Iʻm especially looking forward to hitting up this month.

I saw Buffalo’s On The Cinder earlier this year playing at The Fallout Shelter (also with Evad & the Ominous Squad), and they rocked hard. Iʻm looking forward to round two. I’ve also been trying to catch the newly reunited Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs!, but something has always come up. Not this time, universe!

The Dwarves put on a crazy good show, plus you get local favorites Thunder Vest, Porno Tongue, and those festive lads at the Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band. Itʻs been ages since I’ve seen either Thunder Vest or Porno Tongue, so I’m psyched. Donʻt miss out on this stacked lineup in the cozy comfort of Lawrenceville’s favorite dive bar. I promise you’ll have a super fun time. It will be an awesome party. There will be bands.

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