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Weekend Roundup Feb. 9th-11th

February 9th


Switch and Signal Skatepark opening

This Friday the wait is over. Switch & Signal Skatepark officially opens the doors at 5pm. We’ve been working hard the last few month and it’s finally time to cut the ribbon and open the park.
Admission is $12 (members $10) Waivers required for everyone. 18 and under must have a parent or legal guardian sign in person, No exceptions.

7518 Dickson Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Review: MethMatics, Whitethrash, The New 52 @ The Smiling Moose 8/25/17

For the second weekend in a row I was enticed to withstand the South Side to go to a show. While I do sneak down the back alleys to get to The Smiling Moose, this line-up made smoking outside among the sloppy Yinzers well worth it! I have to say that I was disappointed by the turnout at this event, a good portion of the crowd leaving after the first band, but the loss is theirs. The night’s entire roster was outstanding!

I had never witnessed The New 52, the aforementioned first band, before. The trio claim to be from Zerosville, PA, which could be located just about anywhere. Self-described Alternative Punk, they reminded me a bit of EARLY Green Day, maybe some NOFX, although their compositions are probably more mature. On vocals & guitar, Brian isn’t afraid to get personal and raw with a few songs, but overall these guys really seemed to revel in rocking out their 11 song set list. Unfortunately, they don’t have any recordings ready for public consumption yet, so you’re left with no choice BUT to go check them out in the flesh. I’d consider it a personal favor that when you do, someone brings poor drummer Gerald a sturdy cinder block for his bass drum. As for the other bass, I admit that they did win some points from me for having a killer lefty filing the role with Wes.

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Photo Feature! The Skratchtrax, Mindless Chaos, & Rocky Dennis Face @ The Smiling Moose (5/26/17)

On the one-week anniversary of this historic show, Punksburgh brings you a dazzling photo exclusive from a very special guest-contributor! Unofficial scene photographer and the man behind the Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band‘s 1’s & 2’s, Mr. Randall Reskovac!

Last Friday at The Smiling Moose saw the triumphant debut of Skratchtrax with impressive support provided by Rocky Dennis Face & Mindless Chaos! There was a slight snare when Evad & The Ominous Squad had to cancel due to illness, to no one’s liking, but Ryan McCready was able to expertly fill the void, commanding the stage all by his lonesome.

The show must go on, as they say, & it did in glorious fashion! Enjoy the sights & see you at a show!

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