We’ve attempted to compile a list of all releases from Pittsburgh-area bands in 2017. If your band is missing, please contact us!

Listen to songs from all these releases by checking out our 2017 Release Playlist!


4th River Music Collective - Compilation 2017

Compilation 2017

4th River Music Collective

Sampler of 4th River Musoc Collective artists of many genres

5/17/17 compilation Buy Now
156/Silence - KARMA



5/17/17 chaotic hardcore Buy Now
Action Camp - Action Camp

Action Camp

Action Camp

Action Camp's first release as a full trio.

8/4/17 art rock, doom pop, post punk Buy Now
Anjroy - Sonic Sea

Sonic Sea


Driving grooves, catchy pop riffs, intimate and soulful lyrics and vocals.

12/3/17 indie electronic pop Buy Now
Matt Aquiline & The Dead End Streets - Coming Home

Coming Home

Matt Aquiline & The Dead End Streets

"Coming Home" was produced by Dana Cannone and Aquiline at the Church Recording Studio. It features five Aquiline-penned songs, one perfect guitar solo by Neil Carr on "The Break" (according to Cannone), a standout lead vocal by Heather Catley on “Survivable” and a mandolin cameo by Rob James of The Clarks on “Pennsylvania.” M.A.D.E.S. marries folk, rock, blues, country and a little blue-eyed soul into a Roots Rock/Americana sound that is pure Pittsburgh, with skill, authenticity and the kind of depth you develop surviving a few cold Winters.

12/9/17 roots rock, americana Buy Now
Atlas Euphoria - Silent City

Silent City

Atlas Euphoria

Atlas Euphoria's debut album, filled with sonic pop experiments and lyrical themes exploring environmentalism, corrupt politics, and self-discovery.

12/1/17 psychedelic noise pop/rock Buy Now
Badluxe - Ribcage Xylophone EP

Ribcage Xylophone EP


7/1/17 indie, r&b, pop, funk Buy Now
Bat Zuppel - Dylar


Bat Zuppel

5th album and 1st release on wildkindness records.

9/22/17 psych garage punk Buy Now
Blød Maud - Mädel


Blød Maud

6/30/17 alternative, pop, post punk, punk Buy Now
Catatoneya - The Men in the Moon

The Men in the Moon


A quick yet satisfying 3-song teaser of what is to come from Catatoneya. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from the dark, emotionally in-tune lyrics, to the tasteful and impressive musicianship

6/30/17 alternative rock Buy Now
Caught On Sight - 2017


Caught On Sight

2 song demo

7/18/17 punk Buy Now
Children Of October - You Mean It's Not Jazz?!

You Mean It's Not Jazz?!

Children Of October

Our newest EP ever! Featuring the jazz club hit "I Wanna Rip Your Guts Out Through Your Mouth!"

10/10/17 horror punk, metal, thrash Buy Now
Colourshow - Run Away From Everything

Run Away From Everything


This album is about leaving behind comfort in favor of opportunity. This album is about change, and how scary that can be. This album is about running from the things that hold you back, and staring at the future with fear, uncertainty, and above all, hope. Break out of your comfort zone. Do amazing things. Run away from everything.

9/29/17 alternative rock, emo, indie Buy Now
Cousin Boneless - Revel in the Rubble

Revel in the Rubble

Cousin Boneless

Spooky silly street folk

6/19/17 folk, punk Buy Now
Cynimatics - A Life That's Always The Same

A Life That's Always The Same


Combination of Pop Punk and 3rd Wave Ska

4/8/17 ska Buy Now
The Danzas - Don't Quit Your Day Job

Don't Quit Your Day Job

The Danzas

It's our second album, so it's like the first album, but one more.

5/15/17 garage punk, pop punk, punk Buy Now
The Dark Lines - Future Self

Future Self

The Dark Lines

5/19/17 garage pop Buy Now
Dead River - dissonance


Dead River

4/15/17 hard rock, heavy rock, post-punk, punk rock Buy Now
Delicious Pastries - Vesper Bells and Ex Astris

Vesper Bells and Ex Astris

Delicious Pastries

11/10/17 indie, pop Buy Now
DENZELL (the zells) - Tour Tape 2017 (orange peal/soft reset)

Tour Tape 2017 (orange peal/soft reset)

DENZELL (the zells)

Slacker punk

11/5/17 rock Buy Now
Диссиденты (Dissidente) - FRONTLINE


Диссиденты (Dissidente)

Bilingual political hardcore / ska from two Russian immigrants and a native Pittsburgher. Their freshman EP “Frontline” was recorded at local studio R&R Audio, mixed at the famed Blasting Room in Ft. Collins, Colorado, mastered at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC and released independently on June 1st. It rips into the Trump presidency’s proposed border wall with “Colossus”, and trumpets a call to arms through organized protest in “Black Bloc”. The album is rounded out decrying creditors in “Til Debt Do We Part” and reflects on addiction in the personal “Amputee”.

6/1/17 hardcore, ska Buy Now
Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - January Draft EP

January Draft EP

Endless Mike and the Beagle Club

Digital release.

1/9/17 punk, folk Buy Now
Endless Mike and the Beagle Club  - Even When the Sky Gets Grey

Even When the Sky Gets Grey

Endless Mike and the Beagle Club

Digital release

2/22/17 punk, folk Buy Now
Essential Machine - The Outsider

The Outsider

Essential Machine

First single from the forthcoming EP Poison Control.

9/29/17 indie rock Buy Now
Execution Day - From The Bottom Of My Heart

From The Bottom Of My Heart

Execution Day

A fresh mix of heavy hitting post-hardcore and catchy choruses of pop-punk

7/1/17 post-hardcore Buy Now
Flower Crown - Glow


Flower Crown

Our first full length out on Flowerpot Records

10/20/17 team-pop Buy Now
C. Frank - Washington Blvd

Washington Blvd

C. Frank

Homemade bedroom jams about life and shit.

8/5/17 folk pop Buy Now
Garter Shake - Alpha Creeps

Alpha Creeps

Garter Shake

Recorded by Dan Yost of Just Recordings Studio

6/3/17 indie pop, indie rock, alternative, grrrl Buy Now
Glo Phase - Halftone


Glo Phase

Hazy, instrumental beats of the downtempo/hip hop variety. This album was written during an extended stay in New Orleans, winter 2017. Composed mainly on a single drum machine/sampler, the album lends itself to a consistently dreamy, lo fi vibe, yet each track still retains it's own identity. With a shorter overall song length and lots of the tracks fluidly morphing into each other the album works best as a start to finish listen (just over 30 minutes). Enjoy.

6/1/17 downtempo/electronic Buy Now
God Hates Unicorns - God Hates Unicorns

God Hates Unicorns

God Hates Unicorns

God Hates Unicorns' debut album

4/20/17 industrial punk Buy Now
Hear Tonight - Chasing the Rain

Chasing the Rain

Hear Tonight

Beachy summer vibes with lyrical twists that delve into the listener's mind.

10/6/17 indie alt rock Buy Now
The Homisides - ATA


The Homisides

Early sneak preview release of a song from our upcoming LP. It just couldn't wait due to the subject matter of the song, and the recent rumors and "fake news" about us.

11/12/17 punk Buy Now
Just Fern - All the Space I've Taken Up

All the Space I've Taken Up

Just Fern

All the Space I’ve Taken Up, released through Friends & Ferns, mixes waves of indie pop, glam punk, queercore and surf. The LP crosses the spirit of punk music with earnest discussions of self-care, gender, political climate, and inequality. The album currently has two associated music videos, “Let’s Rob a Bank” and “Nervous as a Lifestyle,” and a third will debut before the end of the year. Just Fern a queer independent musician from Pittsburgh, PA. As part of the new wave of soft, dreamy/queer punk, she’s toured as the front of SOFT GIRL in 2017.

11/2/17 queercore surf punk Buy Now
Klaymore - It's Alive: 5th Anniversary Edition

It's Alive: 5th Anniversary Edition


EP INFO: "It's Alive: 5th Anniversary Edition" Klaymore are celebrating the 5th anniversary of their second full-length album, It's Alive, with a rerecording of four tracks from the original with the band's 2017 lineup (Lee Prisby - Guitar and vocals, Dan Sudano - Guitar, George Kipilo - Bass). In addition to the band's permanent lineup performing on the CD they were also joined by Matt Kastner on drums (ex-Second Empire, ex-Leeja Stark Band) as a guest musician. This rerecording also features Klaymore's only acoustic track to date. The CD was first made available to the Pittsburgh region through a release show at Howlers in Bloomfield on 9/16, and was made publicly available online on 9/21. Physical copies of "It's Alive: 5th Anniversary Edition" can now be purchased from the Klaymore Bandcamp page, or the the album can also be found on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play CDBaby, and YouTube. A music video for the song "Matriarch" has also been released and can be found on the band's YouTube channel.

9/21/17 metal Buy Now
Law Jaw - Broken Tooth Again

Broken Tooth Again

Law Jaw

Law Jaw's first EP

6/2/17 grunge, post-punk, punk rock Buy Now
Lawn Care - Replacement Therapy

Replacement Therapy

Lawn Care

A weirdo punk album about growing up and trying to change for the better

7/21/17 punk, emo, math rock Buy Now
LoFi Delphi - TILT


LoFi Delphi

Our self-released 3rd EP, Recorded, mixed and mastered at Wilderness Studio with J Vega.

12/1/17 rock, indie pop, indie rock Buy Now
The Long Hunt - Wilderness Tales

Wilderness Tales

The Long Hunt

The songs on Wilderness Tales are typically slower, sprawling, meditative, and sparse- a mood sometimes contrasted with the occasional outburst, dense arrangement, or driving repetition. The music sits comfortably in the experimental, psych and alternative rock categories while occasionally incorporating elements of desert, drone and post-rock. Bass and Drums tracked by J Vega at The Wilderness Recording Studio, Zelienople, Pennsylvania. Guitar, electric sitar, and Mellotron tracked by Trevor Richards. All songs produced and mixed by Trevor Richards. All songs mastered by KRAMER at Noise Miami.

2/17/17 minimalist, drone, psych Buy Now
The Me Toos - Ghost Fly By

Ghost Fly By

The Me Toos

10 tracks that range from straight ahead garage punk, to sing along pop to 60's psycho ballads. This album will not disappoint! Here's a review of the album upon it's release. http://www.soundsceneexpress.com/the-me-toos-rock-steady-on-new-album-ghost-fly-by/

4/29/17 garage rock Buy Now
The Me Toos / The Spectres - Split Single

Split Single

The Me Toos / The Spectres

The Me Toos and The Spectres team up to release new music on one action packed 45 vinyl.

9/23/17 garage punk Buy Now
Mires - Loom




1/13/17 doom metal, post-metal Buy Now
Murder For Girls - All The Pretty Stars

All The Pretty Stars

Murder For Girls

11/11/17 garage rock, indie rock, punk rock, riot grrrl Buy Now
NoInterruption - The Writing Process

The Writing Process


The Writing Process was written over the course of 2 years, each song is a snapshot of a certain period of development. We’re all still in the writing process, always changing, always improving!

11/3/17 alternative rock Buy Now
The Park Plan - Last Looks

Last Looks

The Park Plan

Our 2nd EP, recorded and mixed by Bengt Alexsander

1/28/17 indie rock, power pop Buy Now
Phased Out - You Earn What You Get

You Earn What You Get

Phased Out

Full-length debut release by Phased Out, a four piece indie/garage band from Pittsburgh.

6/17/17 indie rock, garage rock Buy Now
Playoff Beard - Fun Is Fun

Fun Is Fun

Playoff Beard

Fun forward 90's influenced pop-punk

10/7/17 pop punk, punk Buy Now
St. Dude - The Rise of Riff City

The Rise of Riff City

St. Dude

Debut EP of local "supergroup" including members of Action Camp, Park Plan, Semi-Supervillians, Supervoid, and The Emergency.

2/26/17 rock Buy Now
Scolari - Dozen Egg Night

Dozen Egg Night


A collection of some fast, short, aggressive songs. A mix of skate punk, pop punk, and hardcore.

4/6/17 punk, hardcore Buy Now
Shin Guard - Leglike


Shin Guard

Pittsburgh sadness.

4/1/17 post-hardcore Buy Now
Shin Guard - Five Songs

Five Songs

Shin Guard

Songs about breakups.

12/22/17 post hardcore Buy Now
Short Fictions - The Heart is a Kaleidoscope

The Heart is a Kaleidoscope

Short Fictions

A masterful synthesis of pop, math, emo, and spoken word.

11/4/17 math pop Buy Now
Side Eye -

"La Vague"

Side Eye

Fun all female project from Pittsburgh musicians Chelsea Rumbaugh, Carrie Battle, and Marie Mashyna

4/28/17 surf pop Buy Now
Silence. - Frank and Joyce

Frank and Joyce


A single song featured on the Peace Through Strength Compilation tape. A song about being born in the wrong body.

2/25/17 punk, goth, post-punk Buy Now
Skinner 34 - Horace


Skinner 34

Debut LP

10/20/17 indie, punk Buy Now
Sluggs - Flight Chief

Flight Chief


11/10/17 indie rock, power pop Buy Now
SOFT GIRL - Softgirl.



This is the first EP from Pittsburgh-based indie band SOFT GIRL. "Softgirl." is a collection of six songs recorded in the latter half of 2016, blending punk, rock, and pop styles.

1/20/17 queercore space punk Buy Now
The Stars of Disaster - Adderall b/w On Yer Feet

Adderall b/w On Yer Feet

The Stars of Disaster

Garage-pop sorta thing. A-side: First single of forthcoming debut full length out late winter. Loud. B-side: Single only, quieter.

12/1/17 rock Buy Now
Jack Stauber - Pop Food

Pop Food

Jack Stauber

VHS lightning zap love music Verne Troyer

3/25/17 lofi-pop Buy Now
Submachine - People



Every song a love song.

3/25/17 punk, hardcore punk Buy Now
tap shorts - even my mock necks are mocking me

even my mock necks are mocking me

tap shorts

a collection of 5 songs from new solo music project, tap shorts, written and recorded in her home in pittsburgh, pa.

11/4/17 folk Buy Now
The Telephone Line  - Caving In

Caving In

The Telephone Line

The Telephone Line aimed at your hearts with a poppy Valentine's Day single! Lace up and take your honey by the hand for an all-skate.

2/14/17 pop, indie, pop rock Buy Now
The Thunderskulls - The Thunderskulls

The Thunderskulls

The Thunderskulls

3/11/17 proto punk, stoner rock, scuzzy riffage Buy Now
Today is the Best Day Ever - Laugh More, You're Dying

Laugh More, You're Dying

Today is the Best Day Ever

Emotive, to the point emo revival.

9/24/17 melodic punk, emo revival, indie rock Buy Now
J. Trafford - Plainclothes


J. Trafford

My first original single release in two years, includes additional track cover of "SLI" originally by Werefolk (fellow Pittsburgh artist).

9/8/17 folk punk, pop, rock Buy Now
Tremoravia - Turpentine & Red

Turpentine & Red


Tremoravia's last album as being only a solo endeavor, Turpentine & Red fuses fuzzed jndie rock with dream inspired themes.

4/7/17 acoustic, alternative, fuzz, indie rock, rock Buy Now
Vertigo - Andromeda



A fresh new start for Vertigo, 6 hard-hitting and catchy songs crafted by a revamped lineup of members. A first venture for the band into the use of keyboards and synthesizers, the funky pop-rock songs showcase dynamic, powerful lead vocals while still allowing room for the instrumentals to shine through.

7/25/17 pop rock Buy Now
we hold hands and we jump - We Hold Hands And We Jump

We Hold Hands And We Jump

we hold hands and we jump

Fourth full release. Endless Bummer Records / NDE Records.

3/18/17 outsider Buy Now
Weapons of Choice - Jam Sandwich EP

Jam Sandwich EP

Weapons of Choice

4 song EP.

4/20/17 hardcore Buy Now
Younger - You're Doin' Gr8

You're Doin' Gr8


11/3/17 indie, emo Buy Now