Iʻm back home, (mostly) recovered from Vegas, and the school year is just about over, which means it’s time to become nocturnal and go to all. the. freaking. shows. Here are five (plus a bonus out of town show!) that Iʻm especially looking forward to hitting up this month.

I saw Buffalo’s On The Cinder earlier this year playing at The Fallout Shelter (also with Evad & the Ominous Squad), and they rocked hard. Iʻm looking forward to round two. I’ve also been trying to catch the newly reunited Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs!, but something has always come up. Not this time, universe!

The Dwarves put on a crazy good show, plus you get local favorites Thunder Vest, Porno Tongue, and those festive lads at the Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band. Itʻs been ages since I’ve seen either Thunder Vest or Porno Tongue, so I’m psyched. Donʻt miss out on this stacked lineup in the cozy comfort of Lawrenceville’s favorite dive bar. I promise you’ll have a super fun time. It will be an awesome party. There will be bands.

So I can’t even make this show because I’ll be out of town, but you totally need to go in my place. Not only are the freaking Mephiskapheles playing, but youʻll also delight in the sounds of rad locals iNCO FIdO and Latecomer (check out our interview with them). Break out your inner rude boy or girl and skank the night away.

Josh at Mr. Smalls Presents has some killer bills coming up this summer, and this is no exception. I’ll be seeing PUP just a few days earlier in New Jersey, but there’s really no such thing as too much PUP. Their raging set last November at Cattivo was one of my favorites of 2016, and I’m hoping to leave as bruised and disoriented as I was last time. No locals opening, but we get Charly Bliss! WHAT! PUP sold out Cattivo last time they were here, so you might not want to snooze on tickets.

Okay, not a Pittsburgh show, but The Iron Maidens are an all female Iron Maiden tribute band. Don’t tell me that’s not worth a trip to Cleveland.

Iʻm a sucker for rocking punk girls and I’m looking forward to spending this weekend being overwhelmed by local talent. Sure, I’ll probably spend the whole time wishing I could be as badass as these ladies are, but it’s worth it. Iʻm especially looking forward to seeing Old Game, Samm Bones (back from Alaska!), Brazilian Wax, Murder for Girls, Molly Alphabet, Sun Hound, Rue, Dinosoul, okay, pretty much everyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯