Walking in to Howlers out in Bloomfield gives you a solid balance between dive bar and live music venue.  Most recently, I attended The Scratch n’ Sniffs/Jagger Holly/Teenage Bubblegums/Latecomer show on 06/01/17. A lineup with a mix of locals and touring, this show fit in perfectly with the general vibe of Howlers. As a heads up, the bar portion allows smoking, though the venue side is smoke free.

The Scratch nʻ Sniffs

Running on “punk time,” this show was kicked off by local punk band The Scratch n’ Sniffs. They were fast, loud, and everything you want to see and hear in the punk scene. Overall, there was a lot of music and not a ton of banter. They definitely did what someone yelled between songs–“play some punk!” I was really excited to see the Scratch n’ Sniffs because I’ve heard nothing but positives about them and their music, and because Latecomer gave them a shoutout in the interview I had just completed before the show.

Jagger Holly

Next up was Jagger Holly, a touring band with the goal to bring a rock and roll restoration while on tour in the US. I’m always impressed with the speed and accuracy guitar and bass players are able to play with, but these guys blew it out of the water. Though I must say, I think they practice their show movements because they were way too coordinated on stage together to not have. The catchiest of their songs was “Shut Up and Kiss Me.”

Teenage Bubblegums

Around this time, the venue started to fill up more. Hailing from Italy, Teenage Bubblegums played third on this lineup. A three piece punk band, they state “we dress in black, playing fast, no stops” on their Facebook page and on their bandcamp, and they mean it. If you miss them on this US tour, seeing Teenage Bubblegums live would definitely be worth the trip to Italy.


Pittsburgh punk band Latecomer closed the show. They started out by telling everyone they hadn’t practiced like the other bands. The joke of that is that Latecomer has been working on self producing their third album, and therefore have been spending a lot of time practicing and tracking together. In total they played a twelve song set. With a bit more banter than the other bands, Latecomer came forward with a mix of older and new songs. One of the songs was a new one from this album that will possibly be titled Elvis, which will be solid to check out.


Latecomerʻs Setlist

For more information on what has been going on with Latecomer, be sure to check out the interview with them that I posted earlier this week.