Look Out Loretta is a five piece Pittsburgh pop punk band. With everyone working, it can be difficult getting all five members together for a show, but you can also catch them acoustically. We caught up with Josh, Look Out Loretta’s vocalist and guitarist regarding what’s coming up for the band. 


Drawing from Look Out Loretta’s Instagram

Q) What are you working on right now?

A) We’ve been working on our EP, so spending time in the studio. We just need to finish up two more songs to go with the four we have had since February of ’16. We’re hoping to release it at the end of June, but don’t quote me on that “hahaha”.

Q) Describe your musical process.

A) It used to be just me (Josh) but now we write collaborately. Jason and I will bring ideas about 90% complete and then we finish them together with everyone else.

Q) Do you have any upcoming shows or tours?

A) Nope. We don’t have any upcoming shows because everyone’s working. We want to get our music out and play as much as possible.

(Since this interview, Look Out Loretta announced that they are part of the lineup for Four Chord Music Festival 4)

Q) What are some local bands you’d recommend?

A) Definitely Eternal Boy and Two Birds. Swiss Army, they rip. Also, Life Is Short and Cynimatics. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop.

Q) What are some of your favorite local businesses?


Q) Are there any other outlets you use to stay creative?

A) I draw a lot. I am working on some artwork right now for Cynimatics. I recently did some pop art for a dog that passed away. I love my dog, so usually my art is of my dog.

Q) What are some of your favorite local pizza places?

A) Fiori’s is my number one. I also like Gateway Grill and Jake’s Pizza.

Q) What is some advice that you wish you had had starting out?

A) Keep going. It took a long time to really see results. So stay in the game.

Also, be friends with everyone (in the scene). Don’t be a douche.

Q) Everyone has a favorite venue, what is yours?

A) I really like Smiling Moose, Laga, and Altar Bar. But you can’t go to those other two anymore, so Smiling Moose.

Q) How can people access/acquire your music?

A) You can find us on Facebook, Bandcamp, or message me (Josh).