FUBAR is a four piece rock band from Pittsburgh who play with a mix of rock, reggae, and punk sounds. Started in 2011, the band has had more than 80 shows together. We caught up with Jake, vocalist and guitarist for the band, regarding their unique blend of sounds. 

Q) You’ve been a band since 2011, yet have not released a full length studio album. Are there plans for that in the future?
A) Although we have come a very long way since, we had actually released our only full-length studio album, “ALL DAY!!” in April of 2014. The album had much more of a punk rock vibe than our newer stuff and consisted of most of our material as a band for the first 3+ years, including 12 originals and 1 cover, and was recorded entirely DIY in our home studio. We celebrated our CD release party with all our friends and fans at a local legion in my hometown. We even shared the stage with another recently featured Punksburgh artist, the Cynimatics… There’s a highlight video on YouTube from the show that still makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Before that we had also released a demo, a free EP and a live album entitled ‘Fuck It, We’re Doing it Live!’ all of which we’re recorded and mixed ourselves. We are currently planning to go into an actual studio with a producer in the coming months to record our 2nd full-length studio album which has yet to be named. We are playing shows and selling merch all summer to finance the album and make it amazing!

Q) What shows do you have coming up? 

A) We have played a ton of shows already this year and are looking forward to a handful of others that are already planned. We are hoping to see a few new faces at these upcoming shows so feel free to stop by!

Q) “Hunt for Inspiration” was featured on 105.9 the X on the Edge of the X. How did it feel getting the kind of exposure?

A) It was very cool to hear our tune on the radio. There was a group of us hanging out waiting for it to come on and when we heard it we were pretty psyched. We had another single of ours “Highway” played on the 105.9 the X Local Listen a few years ago before but no one in the band actually heard it. We just had friends and relatives telling us about it all the time…

Q) What would you say your musical process consists of? 

A) It’s a lot of music and not a lot of process. We kinda fly by the seat of our pants with writing… Typically either Dave or myself will bring a riff to the table and just freestyle jam it and if it catches on and resonates with the rest of the band we will refine it and actually write it. Of course we both have songs that we will finish on our own and bring to the band to bring to life but there seems to be more value in the collaboration having such a diverse band with a wide range of influences, skills and experience.

Q) What do you think was the biggest influencing factor of your band being a mix of rock, reggae, and punk?

A) I think it just boils down to the fact that we don’t know or really care about our genre that much. We all like a crazy wide variety of music and it comes out in our writing. It’s such a combination and we have so many different sounds in different songs We all like rock music, half of us grew up on punk rock

Q) What are some pet peeves you have as a local band?

A) Cancellations, conceited bands/artists, condescending promotors, impatient sound people, presales, and technical difficulties.

Q) What is some advice you wish you had had when you were first starting out?

A) It’s not like we have experienced success beyond our wildest dreams or anything but we have had a lot of fun over the last 5 years and 80 plus shows. I think the advice we wish we had would be to focus on the music and enjoy it. At times playing music and keeping a band active is not the easiest thing to do. Dealing with things like practicing, booking, recording, marketing, merchandising and gear while balancing work, family and personal life, it’s a lot of added stress. When all of that piles up I like to try to strum some of our songs on the acoustic and just remember that this is all about the music that we write together and everything else is secondary.

Q) Who are some of your favorite local bands you think people should be checking out?

A) There are so many good ones honestly. This area has a great pool of local talent but it is surely an honor to catch live music from any of the following bands; Hop a Train, Misaligned Mind, Cynimatics, Colourshow, Rewired Messiah, Brahctopus, Keystone Vibe, Habatat, ÜGE, Vertigo, Searights and the YJJ’s.

Q) Do you have any favorite local businesses/artists/etc?

A) For a bar, we love the Triple Tree Saloon in Smithton, PA. We have played there so often that it may as well be our home base. Cool owners, awesome bartender, cheap booze, great food and always something fun going on. Go check it out if your ever in the area!

For a business, we would say Scott Advertising in Pittsburgh, PA. This is where I work as an Art Director and we do all of our t-shirts, tank tops and other merchandise through them. We would recommend them to any other local band or business looking for custom apparel or imprinted promotional items.

For an artist, we have to recommend Hursh Metal Art by my father. Ray Hursh is more than just our door man, bouncer, roadie, driver, fan and merch dude. He is a seasoned veteran of metal art with 40 years of experience. He crafts amazing pieces from scrap and found metal items using welding. He typically shows his work both online and at the Keynote Cafe in Jeannette, PA. He has various items for sale and is more than happy to negotiate on commissioned artwork.

Q) Where would you say is your favorite pizza place?

A) The favorite pizza place has to be a toss up because we might argue about it… First you should know that FUBAR loves pizza. When we started the band we would order a pineapple bacon pizza from Rodney’s in Irwin since our practice space was right down the street. This combination would later become known as the FUBAR special… Anyway, Dave would probably say Mama Pepino’s in West Newton, PA while I would say Brooklyn’s Pizzeria in Harrison City, PA. Regardless of where we order, we surely know what we will be ordering.