In recovery from a week down south, I’m stoked to be getting finished with a 12+ hour car ride and returning to the ‘burgh in time for some rad shows happening this weekend!

If you’ve already checked out the 4th River Music Festival (which looks amazing) and still need/want more choices, here are a few that should be on your radar:


The Mondaze at Drinks happening at 9:30 in West View. The Mondaze are a three-piece pop rock band that have been making music together for years. If you listen to Rivers Edge you’ve likely heard their songs “Love Bomb” or “Go Get Your Boy”, both of which you can check out on the band’s website It’s going to be just these three guys all night, killin it on an approximately 40 song set mixed between full band and acoustic on originals and cover songs. I’ll be there once I’m out of this car.

Dead River/Reflex Machine/Holy Rivals at Gooskis at 9:30. A mix of two locals and a band visiting from Ohio, this show is sure to rock your socks off. Dead River is a three-piece rock group who we will have an interview coming out with soon! Reflex Machine is a duo coming from Columbus to hit us with some noise sludge sound! Holy Rivals rounds out this lineup with a blend of grunge, noise rock, and sludge guaranteed to catch you up as this three piece lets you know it’s a “throat-punching blend”. Hope you punks are ready! Catch Lauren and TurdinthaPunchbowl here tonight!

Also happening practically all day is HughShows50. This is a 14 hour (longer than my drive!!) “Plastic Technicolor Inevitable Summer Exploding Love Dream” being presented by Deutschtown Music Festival at James Street Gastropub and Speakeasy to benefit charity. Some of the bands I’d encourage you to check out are

  • The YJJ’s who were shouted out to in our interview with FUBAR. This soulful electric rock and roll group will be taking over the Ballroom at 1:30
  • Red Room Effect is a local funk rock group also hitting up the Ballroom at 3:30
  • J. Trafford a solo singer/songwriter who will be doing a blend of jazz and post punk that doesn’t fail to make you feel will take the stage in the Speakeasy at 6
  • The Semi-Supervillans describe themselves as “your friend’s older brother’s cool rock and roll band”, this garage rock band will be taking over the Ballroom at 7:30
  • The Nox Boys are a Pittsburgh garage punk rock group who debuted their first album in 2014. Catch them at 10:30 in the Ballroom.
  • Black Ridge is a band that’s been on my radar since I was finishing undergrad and going into grad school. This is a funky soul rock group who you’re not going to want to miss. If you catch their vocalist/saxophonist Alec after, tell him his IUP classmate sends well wishes! They’ll be ready to get you groovin at 11 in the Speakeasy.

If metal is more your thing, be sure to check out Worshipper/Horehound/The Long Hunt at Howlers starting at 9. WORSHIPPER hails from Boston blending classic and contemporary sounds into a “dark new voice” in melodic heavy music. Horehound is a local Pittsburgh metal band that doesn’t constrain themselves by genre but instead let themselves go wherever the riff and heavy groove may take them. The Long Hunt is a Pittsburgh local three-piece minimalist, psych, drone band. You may even catch Joe (Punksburgh artist/writer) at the show!


Seeing all female and female fronted punk/rock/metal groups is always a killer time. A little less local, but totally rad The Iron Maidens are playing The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern in Cleveland, OH. They’re playing with Chemikill as presented by WJCU Metal on Metal Night Out. The Iron Maidens are the world’s ONLY all-female tribute to Iron Maiden. Lauren is planning on being there!

Bringing it back home, the Marshall Crenshaw y Los Straightjackets show at Club Cafe should be on your radar.  This show also includes Sarah Borges and A Feast of Snakes. Prepare yourself for pop rock, guitar-wielding masked marauders, and a rad night of music.

Don’t see anything here catching your fancy for tonight or tomorrow? There are plenty of other shows happening, too. Just be sure to get out to a show and support local music.