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Happy Solstice! Festival season is upon us and this weekend brings us the females in the forefront Ladyfest! Founded in Olympia, Washington in 2000, this year’s festivities mark it’s fifth year in Pittsburgh. Boasting a 40 (!) band line-up, the three-day event is organized by participating bands The Lopez and Brazilian Wax, with a moderately-sized army of volunteers from all walks of life in tow. As if rocking out with your favorite female ensembles isn’t enough, the whole festival serves to benefit The Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh!

With SO many great artists appearing this year, I figured I’d take the opportunity to mention some of the acts that I’m hoping to catch!

Friday, June 23 — beginning at 6:30pm
Depending on set times, Friday’s festivities make it possible to hit up BOTH awesome venues: The Shop and Gooski’s!

My pick for the former would have to be raunchy bass and Bikini Kill reminiscent Trash Bag, who appear to be headlining the show.

For the latter, I’d be remiss if I din’t recommend the gritty, driving sounds of Love Dumpster.

Saturday, June 24 — beginning at 7:00pm
The venue choice for your evening Saturday night is an easy one. With Cattivo hosting the full schedule, it’s an easy climb or decent from downstairs to up to customize your experience. Three bands stand out for me on this bill and hopefully none of them are booked for the same time slot!

First on my list, the melodic garage-rock sounds and easygoing demeanor of local stalwarts Murder For Girls is always a great time!

Also appearing on Saturday are organizers and self-described “noisy 2-Piece Clusterfuck” The Lopez. If they are a clusterfuck, that’s my kind of mess!

Lastly, check out the progressive rock/metal of Blue Clutch. I had my first taste of this heavy quartet at The Millvale Music Festival. To me their sound was a refreshing departure from a majority of local bands (especially bands with female members) and they left me wanting more.

Sunday, June 25 — beginning at 10:00am
Admittedly, I’m not the best person to ask if you’re looking for suggestions for acoustic and solo acts, which is primarily what the “Hambone’s Brunch” is comprised of. I am also not a morning person and therefore never get to brunch, but Hambone’s has got all of those things covered for those of you that partake in them, followed by an outdoor performance beginning at 2:20pm!

I CAN, however, recommend being in attendance for the Alternative/Blues/Rock/Soul of duo Sun Hound! If you’re a fan of the melodic but edgy sounds of women like PJ Harvey and Kate Bush be sure to head down to Spirit beginning at 3:00pm, where your entry fee also includes a slice of their delicious pizza!

See you there and plan accordingly with the full schedule below!

FRIDAY, JUNE 23 @ The Shop | DOORS @ 6:30pm | $5 / ALL AGES
Mani Pedi
Lorenzo’s Oil
Trash Bag

@ Gooski’s | DOORS @ 10:00pm | $5 / 21+
Old Game
Love Dumpster
Reign Check
Soft Gondola

SATURDAY, JUNE 24 @ Cattivo | DOORS @ 7:00pm | $10 / 21+
Samm Bones
Working Breed
The Telephone Line
Garter Shake
Iris Creamer
Brazilian Wax
Blak Rapp Madusa
Murder for Girls
The Lopez
Blue Clutch
Sound Elevator

SUNDAY, JUNE 25 @ Hambone’s | DOORS @ 10:00am | ALL AGES
Brittney Chantele
Molly Alphabet
Liss Victory
f i g
Fat Ida
Jenny Morgan
Dori Cameron
Midge Crickett
Timbeladies – outdoors @ 2:20!

@ Spirit | DOORS @ 3:00pm | $7 / ALL AGES
The Rents
Bitter Whiskers
Sun Hound
Tina Panic Noise

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