Todayʻs Inquisition features Donny Donovan, singer and guitar player for Dinosoul (dark indie pop) and Hearken (grunge rock punk).


Donny playing with Dinosoul. Photo by Jon B Snow.  You can find & follow Jon on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, or on his music photography website.

List the names of every band that you’ve ever played in ever. 

Roulette WavesDream PhoneDon’t Trust LarryStrong Young Teeth, Sweeter Than You

What was the artist, album, or song that inspired you to play/write music? 

Brand New – The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me, Radiohead – Kid A, Tegan and Sara – all albums

What is your favorite piece of merch that you own?

Love Will Tear us Apart – Joy Division single vinyl

Tell us one thing about the Pittsburgh music scene that could be better and one thing about the scene that you love.

More support and getting out of your asshole. Collaboration!

What’s something about you/your band that you think people should know that maybe they don’t?

I taught myself and played drums first.

If you had to pick only one of your songs for people to listen to, which one would it be? 

4 am – Dinosoul. Honestly, though, there’s more coming not recorded — stand by.

Who would you cast in the movie of your band?

Hilary Swank – Boys Don’t Cry character version

How does your mom/family react to your music? Do they come to your shows?

They love Dinosoul and are indifferent about Hearken 😉

What band or artist have you seen live the most number of times?

Taking Back Sunday 

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you at a show as a performer or spectator?

I got hit in the head with a cell phone at Chiodos during Warped Tour and almost was knocked out. Or moshing at The Used concert covering Nirvana.

You can see Hearken next on Friday, 6/23 at The Mr. Roboto Project with The Gotobeds, Yonatan Gat, and Serpentine. Dinosoul will be closing out Ladyfest Pittsburgh this Sunday at Spirit. Don’t miss it!


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