I got in touch with Corey and Stowe from Nightmarathons on the eve of their Midwestern tour to talk about the state of the band (Pennsylvania), what’s in their future, and all things Pittsburgh. Don’t miss them Thursday, August 3rd at Gooski’s with Le Yikes Surf Club, Talkers, and Pet Clinic


You’ve all been active in the local scene and have been in other bands in the past. How did Nightmarathons come about?

Corey: I was pretty partied up at a show in the strip having just quit a couple of bands. Tim and Feigh come up to me and are like, “Dude, let’s start a band or something,” and I was like, “Sure. I just have to buy a new guitar and a new amp and… Ok. I bet Stowe would play in this too…” Like I said, I was drunk. So I wake up the next day and was like, “Fuuuuuugggg, here we go again.”

You’ve been playing shows for a little over a year now. Over that time, have things changed much for the band as you’ve gotten used to playing together? 

Stowe: I think they’ve changed for me a lot personally.  It’s weird, the first few months or even a year of us being a band were spent teaching each other songs we already had written, but a lot changes when you start writing songs together.  You get to learn a lot about each other’s tendencies… you just get so much tighter as a band, like it feels like you’re working more from instinct as opposed to concentration, and that makes the quality of songs that much better.

You released your debut EP in May. What was the reception like for that, and what are your plans for putting out more music?

Stowe: I think it went great.  A band’s first EP’s main purpose is to be a vehicle to play shows, so in that respect it’s been successful.  The recording process is also another watermark for bands that it’s important to get together and learn from each other in the process, so it helped us there as well.  We’re about halfway through writing for a full length; I think the plan is to hole up this winter and finish it, then record it next year.

You’ll be playing Pre-Fest and Fest in Florida this October. How are you feeling about that? 

Stowe: Great! Fest is the best time, and to be able to actually play the thing and contribute to that awesome party is a true honor.

Since you’ve all been in different bands in the past and learned from your experiences, what advice could you give to musicians that are just starting out? 

Stowe: I’d say the most important thing to remember is that you’re going to need to practice at the minimum once a week for a year before you can expect to be any good.  There really is no substitute for time spent playing when it comes to tightening up a band.  The other important thing to remember is to make sure it’s fun, all the time.  That’s what we’ve done with this band… there’s no ego… no desire to do anything other than write songs that we want to hear and have fun playing.  Anything that happens beyond that will all be bonus.

What are some of your band’s quirks? 

Corey: Tim Little is our band’s quirk.

Stowe: We’re all crazy people, obviously, so we’ve each got our own little things that make us insane.

What are your thoughts on the state of the local scene? 

Corey: Well, its nickname “The Keystone State” dates back to the role Pennsylvania played at the start of this country. It’s an important place with many important people. Pennsylvania. Final answer.

What are some of your favorite local businesses/artists?

Stowe: Grist House, Black Forge Coffee… do the Pirates count as a local business?

What are some of your favorite local bands?

Stowe: Besides bands on A-F Records, obviously, I like: Rue, Latecomer, Hearken, Same, Sikes… I hate this question, always feels like I’m going to miss someone and bum them out.  I like all the bands! All the bands are fine!

What is your favorite local pizza?

Corey: Oh man, do we really want to open up Pandora’s pizza box?! A war for the ages, a war as old as time. There is hardly a pizza out there that I’m not fine with. My main criteria is, “Do they deliver to my house?” The last pizza I had was Pizza 412… It’s fiiiiiine.

Stowe: I spent 3 years living in Squirrel Hill, right next to Aiello’s and Mineo’s… after years of pizza eating, I’ve got to say that Napoli reigns supreme followed in close 2nd by Fiori’s.


Make sure you catch Nightmarathons while they’re adventuring through the Midwest. The tour kicks off here in Pittsburgh with a show at Gooski’s on Thursday.