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#SharePGHMusicMonth! The creator speaks & Punksburgh’s picks!

September is #SharePGHMusicMonth! All month! It seems simple enough, share your favorite local bands, preferably publicly, with the hashtag #SharePGHMusicMonth. Nonetheless, Punksburgh wanted to know more, so we pestered the creator, Chip DiMonick, that’s right, from the Hard Rock band Chip DiMonick, to get the lowdown. Chip tells us that:

“#SharePGHMusicMonth was just something that popped into my head one day last year, so I tried it last July. It caught on so well, I wanted to give it another try this year. I thought September might be better because us Pittsburghers like to enjoy that one month of sunshine we get in July.”

We can attest to that! We also can’t argue his reasons behind it:

“#SharePGHMusicMonth is an easy, free way to truly support homegrown music. Just use social media to share your favorite artist’s music video and use the hashtag. And challenge yourself to do it every remaining day in September – it’s fun and addicting!

(The) musicians should see it as a great way to get visibility for themselves and to show what they are always asking for: support for the Pittsburgh music scene! If musicians want support, they have a better chance of getting it if they SET AN EXAMPLE of what support looks like. Plus, it’s the ultimate pay-it-forward game. When your music is shared, sharing the music of others shows that you care about the scene, too.”

New this year, Chip’s gotten some active participants from last year to spoil their own surprises as to what they plan on sharing this time around. He’s documented the number of views that they had before the month of September began and he’s going to cross-reference those numbers with the totals come October. We look forward to the announcement that this easy and fun promotion has got “Such & Such” bands this many MILLIONS of views!

Without further ado, get your FULL month of local music started with some picks from Chip and the staff of Punksburgh! Here’s five rad ones to get us up-to-date. I’m counting this one form Chip DiMonick as mine, ’cause damn!



Chip chose The Dirty Charms:


Lauren chose Garter Shake:

Pat chose Punk Rockers, Bernies:




Joe chose Pittsburgh’s only Dinocore band, Fuck Yeah Dinosaurs:





AND you can catch Fuck Yeah Dinosaurs at Gooski’s on Thursday, September 14th alongside local hardcore legends Submachine and Connecticut Crusties Damn Broads! Fuck Yeah Damn Machine! kicks off at 9 p.m. and will only set you back $5!

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