EVERYone loves Dumplings! Like the delicious culinary treats enveloped in dough, devour today’s #SharePGHMusicMonth auditory treat enveloped in rock, Dumplings, the band!

Birthed in 2012, Dumplings is a family affair. Brothers Jason on drums and Jonathan on guitar and vox were joined by Pam on bass & vox to complete their trio of tune smiths. Tying the knot in 2016, Jon officially brought Pam into the fold, making the band 100% Dowling.

Describing their sound as rockin’, poppin’, and stompin’ tunes that you’ve got to hear to believe, Dumplings sound is influenced by everything from Suicide to Queen. The result, to me, is an energetic, noisy, post-hardcore/punk party reminiscent of ’90s giants like Sonic Youth and The Cows. Reverberation, chaos, and oh-so-much joyous irreverence are the hallmarks of their many live performances. Boasting a show schedule that would weary the most tour-tested bands, you can see them tear things up nearly every week in or around their beloved stomping grounds of Bloomfield. As a matter of fact, they’ve got a show TOMORROW! Join them with Chicago Post Punk outfit Absolutely Not and local garage-rockers Jiant Eagle at Gooski’s, 9pm sharp!

Dumplings have a single EP, “Love Handles,” bursting with some of their first-ever songs available for you to own! Get some now here at bandcamp!

“Photograph (of A Man)”

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