The thing that I love about the Pittsburgh music scene is just how rich and diverse it is. I’ve been going to shows pretty regularly for the past few years and there are SO MANY bands that I haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing, with more still popping up all the time. So even though we get many great touring acts coming through town, I’m a huge fan of all-local bills; it’s a wonderful opportunity to see how much talent we have here at home.


The Spectres celebrating their big day.

Saturday was no exception to this. It was originally planned as a release show for the Spectres/the Me Toos‘ 7″ split (as well as a birthday party for the Me Toos’ drummer Kevin), but things took a twist when Kevin’s son upped the ante and decided he wanted to be released too. Kids: ruining plans from day zero (congrats on the new baby, Kevin!). The Me Toos sat out their release show, but luckily they were able to get LoFi Delphi to fill in and close out the show. Three locals, three first-time bands for me, and one heck of a good time.

I was joined at this show by Actual Musician™ Pat McGhen (of Playoff Beard and the Shutouts fame) who provided intelligent musical commentary and insight on each band. Thanks for helping, Pat!

The Park Plan kicked the night off. Any regular Punksburgh reader know that I’m obsessed with bassist Jenn Jannon-Fischer’s side project Garter Shake, so I was thrilled to get an opportunity to catch her main gig. I absolutely love the socially conscious nature of the lyrics, touching on themes such as harassment, mansplaining, and gun control. I know many bands tend to shy away from getting too political, but I’m all for it. It doesn’t hurt that the music is just plain fun–part rock, part pop, sometimes a bit aggressive, always catchy.

Pat sezAlternating between jangly, dB’s influenced power pop and Hüsker Dü style rockers, the Park Plan delivers with an entertaining, varied sound with tons of energy. Each of the members seems to bring something different to the band without it ever sounding disjointed. Lead guitar player Joe’s early ’90s influenced power pop tunes were the highlight for me.

You can catch the Park Plan this Saturday 9/30 at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern with LoFi Delphi, the Dark Lines, and Jeremy Caywood, or two weeks later on Friday 10/13 at Howlers with Lady Bizness (NYC), Aloe, and Dorothy 6. Check out their music on Bandcamp or Spotify.

Next up was the Spectres. Oh man, I totally dropped the ball here. Jesse from the Me Toos sang their praises during our interview, but I got caught up in life and never ended up checking them out. BIG MISTAKE. I was blown away by the massive sound generated by just two musicians, and was swept up in their energy. Their garage rock was gritty, catchy as heck, and a ton of fun. The Spectres are currently taking a bit of a break to focus on songwriting, but definitely do not miss them when they make their return.

Pat sezEvery once in awhile, I’ll see a band and think, “Holy shit. Where have I been and how have I missed out on this band for so long?” The Spectres are one of those bands. If you’re into primitive, bluesy punk rock like the Gories or the Oblivians this is a band for you. Huge sound from just two musicians, and the stage presence to match.

Definitely make sure you check out the Spectres on Bandcamp. If you’re a vinyl fan, you can also order their new 7″ single. The Me Toos didn’t get a chance to play their own release show, so take a listen to them on Bandcamp or Spotify

Closing out the night was LoFi Delphi. I am 100% in love with the voice of keyboard player Becki Gallagher (also of Garter Shake), so I had a hunch that I’d be a fan; I was right. I am a very reluctant (and bad) dancer, but their infectious tunes got me moving around along with much of the crowd. I’m a sucker for poppy music so LoFi Delphi’s own songs had already won me over, but they totally sealed the deal when they broke into a pitch-perfect cover of the Cranberries’ Zombie. A very fun way to end a great evening. I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it again: if you don’t think Pittsburgh is jam-packed with talented musicians, you’re not even trying to look.

Pat sezPoppy, dancey, ’90s influenced rock played by top notch musicians. Becki’s voice matches this style perfectly. I’d like to see them let loose a little more and show how much fun they’re having, but that’s probably just me. Check them out if you’re a fan of bands like Garbage.

LoFi Delphi will also be playing at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern this Saturday. Stay tuned for the release of their new EP Tilt on Friday December 1st, at the Funhouse at Mr. Smalls. They will be joined by Essential Machine, Jess Klein, and Wreck Loose. Listen to LoFi Delphi on Bandcamp or Spotify.