Nasty Nate of the Scratch ‘n’ Sniffs and Thunder Vest was turning dirty 30, an event that he decided to celebrate with a show–and what a rager it was, featuring Beaver county locals Whitethrash and Children of October alongside Pittsburgh poppy punks Playoff Beard. I arrived at the Fallout Shelter around 9:30 and the place was already hopping. I love seeing shows in such intimate spaces, especially when they’re packed with so many friendly faces.


Whitethrash kicked off the night. I hadn’t seen these dudes before, and thrash isn’t typically my thing, but these guys totally raged. Lead singer Damien absolutely fit his role: wiry and long-haired, with a great voice that hit some shockingly high notes. Codi shredded on guitar while the rhythm section of Wes (bass) and Danny (drums) kept the pace moving.

These guys absolutely powered through their set–a long song lasted two minutes. They drew on a variety of material for songs; some topics included politics, pop culture, and the local music scene. Regardless of theme, all songs got your pulse racing and body moving. It was the perfect way to set the tone for the evening, with tons of energy pulsing through the room.

If you’re interested in getting a taste of Whitethrash, you can listen to their song Agonal Breathing on Bandcamp. Their next show is Friday, October 20th at Great Arrow (Monaca) with For All My Enemies, Natural Causes, and Dorsia.

Taking the stage next was Playoff Beard. These dudes espouse having tons of fun, and their set sure lived up to that ideal. Their music was lighter and poppier than Whitethrash, but they didn’t rock any less hard. These guys bring a lot of sound for a three-piece, and always look like they’re having the time of their lives.

Guitar player Thom and bass player Pat provided plenty of on-stage antics as they continuously struggled to knock each other over, and mics were constantly being turned around both by members of the band and the audience. At one point Pat ended up in the crowd itself, where he was happy to remain. Meanwhile stalwart drummer Tim provided an adult presence to the set.

Playoff Beard is releasing their first full-length record “Fun is Fun” on Saturday, October 7th at Howlers, with support from Latecomer and the Scratch ‘n’ Sniffs. If you can’t make the show, you can preorder the record from Between the Days Records. You can listen to Playoff Beard on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Closing out the evening was horror punk group Children of October. These guys had a lot of new things going on: this show marked their first time playing with bassist Adam Contino, who joined the gang without any trouble. More importantly, the group also debuted some songs in anticipation of their EP release later this month. The audience greeted this news with an enthusiastic reception.


Rick isn’t actually human, just a drumming blur.

Children of October shows are a blast: the music is fast-paced, catchy, and a ton of fun, despite singing about things like serial killers. The crowd is always highly engaged and this night was no exception, with the packed house more than willing to “whoa” along to Zodiac. These dudes will be spending October touring up and down the east coast, so make sure you catch them when you get the chance!

You can find Children of October’s music and pre-order their new EP “You Mean It’s Not Jazz?!” on their Bandcamp page. Their next show is Zombie Fest on Saturday, October 7th, at Mr. Smalls Theater, where they will be joined by The Filthy Lowdown, Strange MonstersProfessor Emcee Square, and SUBMACHINE.