We caught up with Tim Emanuel, guitar player for The Danzas, and put him through the Punksburgh inquisition. Read all about this long-time Pittsburgh musician, and make sure to put your bowling shoes on and rock out to him tomorrow, November 15th


Tim (left) playing with The Danzas

List the names of every band that you’ve ever played in ever.

The Erik Estrada Love Triangle, Linus, Superfudge, Duck Season Fire, and The Danzas

What was the artist, album, or song that inspired you to play/write music?

Three words: Billy Gibbons, Scott Ian, Angus Young, Joe Satriani, and Eddie Van Halen

What is your favorite piece of merch that you own?

Stickers from the bands we’ve played with – I put ’em on everything.


Tim’s car. He’s always looking for more stickers, so send them his way!

Tell us one thing about the Pittsburgh music scene that could be better and one thing about the scene that you love.

What’s not to love? Pittsburgh’s a small town and everyone ends up knowing everyone – there’s a DIY/neighborhood vibe that’s great to be part of, and hopefully contribute to where I can.

What’s something about you/your band that you think people should know that maybe they don’t?

We’re all fully-licensed and certified haberdashers. [Ed. note: doesn’t everyone know this?!]

If you had to pick only one of your songs for people to listen to, which one would it be?

Sit Ubu Sit – Sure, it’s both a huge commercial and critical success, but there’s also a lot deep introspection and personal exploration there.

Who would you cast in the movie of your band?

John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, and Suzanne Somers


Tim refused to answer who is playing whom.

How does your mom/family react to your music? Do they come to your shows?

My whole family’s always been very supportive but, with a few exceptions, I don’t really expect to see any of them crowd surfing at a Danzas show any time soon.

What band or artist have you seen live the most number of times?

I’ve seen Jill Sobule – who is amazing live – six times.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you at a show as a performer or spectator?

Joe Nadberazny threw a beer at me once.


Don’t miss Tim and the rest of The Danzas at the Rock and Bowl tomorrow, Wednesday 11/15 at Arsenal Lanes. You can find to The Danzas on both Spotify and Bandcamp — make sure to check out their latest album Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

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