As part of our 2017 local release roundup, we’ve made a playlist including tracks from all of the albums. Check it out to see just how incredibly talented the people in our city are! If your band is missing, please contact us!

Bands not available on Spotify:



156/Silence – Radically Digitalized
Action Camp – War at My Side
Anjroy – The Movement
Matt Aquiline & The Dead End Streets – Survivable
Badluxe – Ribcage Xylophone
Bat Zuppel – The Witch
Catatoneya – Nobody Cares
Children Of October – I Wanna Rip Your Guts Out Through Your Mouth
Colourshow – How To Speak
Cousin Boneless – Devil’s Will
Cynimatics – Pizza Bottle
The Danzas – (Eh, Oh) She’s a Punk Rocker
The Dark Lines – Don’t Talk
Диссиденты (Dissidente) – Amputee
Essential Machine – The Outsider
Execution Day – Order 66
Flower Crown – True Blue
Glo Phase – Tchoupitoulas
God Hates Unicorns – God Hates Unicorns
Hear Tonight – Cold Dancing
The Homisides – A.T.A. (Anti-Trump Army)
Just Fern – Let’s Rob a Bank
Klaymore – Matriarch
Lawn Care – Regret Accountant
LoFi Delphi – Phone
The Long Hunt – Gate of the Night
The Me Toos – Spark My Embers
Mires – Loom
Murder For Girls – Christina Ricci
NoInterruption – Kiss and Tell
The Park Plan – Memoria
Phased Out – Can’t Help You Now
Playoff Beard – It’s Not a Trick Michael, It’s an Illusion
St. Dude – Refugees
Shin Guard – Étude
Short Fictions – Ellen (A Song About a Book)
Skinner 34 – Eyelashes
The Stars of Disaster – Adderall
Jack Stauber – Buttercup
tap shorts – Family Planning
The Telephone Line – Caving In
The Thunderskulls – B.M.F. (Do As I Please)
Today is the Best Day Ever – The Spaces Between Each Step
J. Trafford – Plainclothes
Tremoravia – Turpentine & Red
Vertigo – Come Get Me
We Hold Hands and We Jump – Romance
Younger – Blast Off