Punksburgh went to Warped Tour (7/14/17)

Hey! I went to Warped Tour this year and it was crazy rad. I was lucky enough to hook up with the Mable Syndrome podcast to get press credentials and a buddy on tour got me an all-access pass, so I was able to cover it from all angles (and get some lovely lovely shade).

First up for the day were pop punk locals Eternal Boy. This was a pretty special show for them as it was also the release day of their new album Awkward Phase. I was thrilled to see a sizable crowd gathered to see them. Their music was great, as always, and a lot of fun. If you’re not familiar with them, make sure you check out our interview.

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No One Expects The Punksburgh Inquisition: Brian McGee (The Danzas)

Our latest Inquisition focuses on Brian McGee, bassist of the Danzas, part-time Punksburgh interviewer, and punk rock dad extraordinaire. Fun fact: Brian is the person who suggested I start a music blog in the first place, so if you like what Punksburgh is doing, give him a high five. Or buy his album. These Inquisitions were also his idea; he’s just rad overall. 


The Danzas at Deutschtown Music Festival. Brian is on the right.

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Show Snippets: Iron Chic / Shades Apart / Garrett Dale / Pkew Pkew Pkew / The Flatliners (7/8-7/9)

I took a solo whirlwind trip to New York and back last weekend, driving about 20 hours in two days. Of course, me being me, this trip involved a two-hour detour to a show in New Jersey on Saturday night and, on Sunday, driving straight to a show instead of doing something smart/practical like going home and sleeping. I didn’t have a chance to see a full bill either night and was admittedly pretty out of it the whole time, so rather than attempting to write individual reviews I’m just going to smush both shows together.


Iron Chic. They’re rad.

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No One Expects The Punksburgh Inquisition: Jenn Jannon-Fischer (The Park Plan/Garter Shake/The Freshes)

If you’ve been following Punksburgh, you already know that I fell hard for the band Garter Shake when I saw them play at Ladyfest, so I had to track Jenn down for an inquisition. 

List the names of every band that you’ve ever played in ever. 

The Park Plan, The Hi-Frequencies, The Freshes, Garter Shake


Jenn (far right) with Garter Shake at Ladyfest

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Show Review: Punchline / The Missing / Master T.C. & the Visitors / Darling Waste @ the Agora Ballroom (7/7/17)

After recently interviewing Punchline, I was super stoked to see them play their hometown 20th anniversary show, which was sure to be one hell of a party. But when a family obligation dashed those plans, I did the next best thing: scooted off to Cleveland to catch them the night before. The show was held in the cozy confines of the Agora Ballroom, which provided an intimate space for this special affair.


Darling Waste

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