Video Feature! Appalachia Underground, Mindless Chaos, Only Flesh, & The Renfields @ The Fallout Shelter 8/12/17

Last Saturday at The Fallout Shelter Punksburgh was joined by a SURPRISE GUEST VIDEOGRAPHER! It is our pleasure, especially mine-I get to go easy on this review,  to introduce Drew Danen! Relive the magic!


Maybe the best collection of, and definitely the most organized, bathroom stickers.

Kicking off the evening with a bang was the “Alt Punk Rock” band hailing from Martins Fairy, OH, Appalachia Underground. I’d never seen these guys before, but the production team of Some Die Nameless rarely disappoint in their selections and now I can’t wait to catch AU’s awesomeness again!

Next on stage was one of my favorites, Mindless Chaos. Although Donnie could’ve benefited from a backup guitar, Iggy was amazing while performing in a cast!


Greg Ignacz, Kevin Forster, Don Rusnak

Then came Only Flesh. Always a treat for the senses, Rev was particularly spry this evening, jumping around like lean, yet ornery. lemur.


Headlining Saturday’s show was the storied Horror Pogo Punk of The Renfields. These Ramones-style rockers put on one HELL of a show filled with catchy and tight songs, but I’ve got to admit that I find their hype people distracting and unnecessary. They’ve got KILLER stage presence that simply doesn’t need or benefit from dancing ghouls with cardboard weapons. Let the music to the “screaming,” I say.

Thanks for the great footage, Drew! That camera looked heavy!

You can catch Only Flesh’s next MUSICAL performance Thursday, September 7th at The Hard Rock Cafe when they will be performing with Green Jelly, The Smokin’ Gorillas, and Pittsburgh’s own God Hates Unicorns!

Rock the Weekend! Shows 8/11-8/13/17

The weekend is here once again and, as usual,  there are scores of events for Pittsburgh rockers to choose from! One Punksburgher ambitiously attempts to narrow it down and create her ideal to-do list.

Friday, August 11
Punk Rock Karaoke at Black Forge Coffee House
Tonight at Black Forge do your worst to classic punk songs for a rad cause! The awesome folks of Trash to Thrash, who “upcycle” crappy skateboards for the kiddos, will be raffling off some decks custom-painted by local artists to raise funds. It’s all associated with The Punk Rock Karaoke Collective who organize fundraisers across the country for grassroots political and community organizations. These dudes offer a catalog of over 800 songs and have raised $64,000 benefiting 71 organizations to date! The festivities begin at 8 pm and although they’ll provide some FREE libations, BYOB-ing is recommended since yinz are a bunch of lushes.


Saturday, August 12
LIVE MUSIC at Rather Ripped Records!
Get your Folk on early with FREE music provided by Isaac Merz, Jupiter Vinyl, & those rascally Get Hip Recordings artists Zack Keim (also of NOX BOYS) and Slim Forsythe! In case you hadn’t heard, Rather Ripped Records was founded over 40 years ago in San Francisco’s famous Height district. A favorite stop for fans and legendary punk bands passing through the area alike, they’ve now found a happy home right here in Brookline! Saturday’s party takes place from noon until 4 pm, but you can stop by any day (except Mondays) to do your digging until 7 pm.

The Renfields /Only Flesh /Mindless Chaos/ Appalachia Underground
After you’ve scored some amazing steals at “Ripped,” why not get outta tahn? It’s only a short trip, & well worth the 35-40 minute drive, to Aliquippa’s premier venue, The Fallout Shelter. Saturday night at this cozy & welcoming space boasts a “killer” line-up featuring headliners hailing from Transylvania by way of West Virginia, The Renfields, the freakish forces of nature known as Only Flesh, back home after a hot night at Howlers, the prolific punkers of Mindless Chaos, and our noisy neighbors, Appalachia Underground! It all starts at 9 pm and can be yours for the low, low price of just $5.

Sunday, August 13
Dick Dale
Finally, and if you’ve got any energy or wits left after all of that fun, the one-and-only Dick Dale is performing Sunday night at The Rex Theater! If the guitar legend and “King of The Surf Guitar” himself doesn’t sell you on this, consider attending for some prime “Dickhead” (Dick Dale fan) viewing! Support is provided by instrumental surf-rockers from D.C, the Atomic Mosquitos. 8 pm, 21+, $35-$40.


When Particles Collide, Old Game, Garter Shake
StrapOn Halo, Adrian H &TheWounds, MorpheusLaughing, Erica Scary
Punk Rock at Dee’s

11th Annual Millvale Brew Fest
Music For MS 2017
Feast on the Fallen / The End of the Ocean at Black Forge
2017 Camp Showcase (Girls Rock! Pittsburgh)
Jakethehawk / God Hates Unicorns / Skye Light 8/12 at Club Cafe
Sketchy / The Bloody Lips (Ex-The Lippies) / Atomic Peasant at Gooski’s

Weather Permitting: Molly Alphabet, Danny Brumbaugh Riley Pinker

See you at a show!

No One Expects The Punksburgh Inquisition: Abe Like Lincoln (The Filthy Lowdown)

Right in the middle of their “Summertime Filth” tour, Punksburgh caught up with Abe “Like Lincoln,” vocalist and  purveyor of miscellaneous questionable behavior of those homicidal hunters of the homeless, The Filthy Lowdown!

filthies by kel ha tan

The Filthy Lowdown captured by Kel Ha Tan of none other than Tiger Sex!

What was the artist, album, or song that inspired you to play/write music?

My dad always listened to a heavy array of music from Metallica to Frank Zappa, but I would have to say that when I got Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ and The Offspring’s ‘Smash’ for X-mas when I was nine, those were the albums that influenced me to start creating music.

What are the names of every band that you’ve ever been a part of?

Forgive me if I forget one or two:
Beaver Brigade
Dying to Live
TEAM No Respect
Speak Out
Barker’s Beauties
The Filthy Lowdown

What is the absolute favorite piece of merch that you own?

Hmm… I have ticket stubs from the first couple of years that I was going to shows. I have ticket stubs signed by Weird Al, Dexter Holland, and Marky Ramone.
My favorite piece of merch that I have from The Filthy Lowdown:
The Filthy Lowdown: the t-shirt!
The Filthy Lowdown: the coloring book!
The Filthy Lowdown: the lunchbox!
The Filthy Lowdown: the breakfast cereal!
The Filthy Lowdown: the flamethrower! (“The kids love this one.”)
& last, but not least; The Filthy Lowdown: The Doll, Me

What is one thing about the Pittsburgh music scene that could be better and one thing about the scene that you love?

I think that people should have more food fights at shows. Like, we are someday planning “Pound of Jumbo Night.” Everyone brings jumbo (Ed. note: that’s bologna in Pittsburghese) to the show and goes wild during the music.
One thing that I love about the scene is that there’s always a show going on with great bands. I feel bad that I can’t go see them all.

What’s something about you/your band that you think people should know that maybe they don’t?

We are like Spinal Tap and our drummers keep dying. We keep finding more and more drummers and they die in a weird manner. We are like the Craigslist killer for drummers. Speaking of Craigslist, every city we play we read Craigslist’s “Casual Encounters.” You never know what you’ll run into on the road and that is hours of fun while touring.

If you had to pick only one of your songs for people to listen to which one would it be?

It would depend on what kind of mood I was in. Either “Mischief” or “Cheap Cars, Fast Women.”

Who would you cast in the movie of your band?

Drummer: The Invisible Man or Don Knotts
Chuck (bass:) Danny Glover
Max (guitar:) Steven Segal
Brandon (rhythm guitar:) John Stamos
Myself: Alf or Tim Curry

filthies the movie

The Filthy Lowdown: The Movie

How does your mom/family react to your music? Do they come to your shows?

My family is very supportive of my music. If you’ve been to a Filthy Lowdown show you’ve definitely seen my dad. He’s the crazy guy going apeshit up front. He makes the kids look bad with his energy. He is definitely my biggest fan and the band’s biggest supporter. My mom and grandma come to shows from time to time as well. Gram wanted a “Rub my Clint” shirt just to support us and be edgy. She is hilarious!


Abe’s edgy & adorable gram!

What band or artist have you seen live the most number of times?

That is a great question. I would have to say the Dropkick Murphy’s, but not because I wanted to see them. It was mainly because they were always on tour with a band I wanted to see. The band that I have seen the most on purpose is probably the Unseen.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you at a show as a performer or spectator?

While we were on the road an already drunk man stole the band’s pitcher of beer while we were onstage. I told him to give it back. He refused. A melee ensued and when it was broken up he threw a cue ball from the pool table at me. I wasn’t hit or injured. Then he went outside and had people repeatedly punch him in the face. He must have woken up with the worst headache and missing teeth.

Be on the lookout for the Filthies upcoming release, currently awaiting pressing, which was produced by Joe Queer and mixed/mastered by singer/guitarist for The Atom Age, Ryan Perras!
Their summer tour still has stops in Detroit, Madison, Milwaukee, and Ft. Wayne, IN., but you can catch them when they return to the ‘burgh to open for Agnostic Front at Cattivo on September 29th!
Also be sure to catch them do their best Suicide Machines impersonation at The Fallout Shelter‘s “Half-Covered Halloween” alongside Children of October, Johnny and The Razorblades, The Danzas, Evad & The Ominous Squad, and Crisis in America on October 28th for a spooky, weird time!

Still inquisitive? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a sampling of past Inquisitions to delve into!
Willy Raygun (Weapons of Choice)
Brian McGee (The Danzas)
Jimmy Bastard (The Bastard Bearded Irishmen)
Tim Little (Playoff Beard / Nightmarathons / Lansbury / The Shutouts)
Ray Kolcun (Crooked Cobras)

Punk Rock Thursday with Evad & The Ominous Squad, The Full Monty, Rocky Dennis Face, & Surprise Guest @ Moondogs (7/20/17)

Last Thursday I attempted to get back into the swing of things after an extremely epic & adventurous summer vacation by going to a show at one of my favorite off-the-beaten path venues, Moondogs Pub. I had been promised the Full Monty, Evad & The Ominous Squad, Rocky Dennis Face, plus one act TBA in the storied bar’s familiar, dive-y, comfort. The last time I’d attempted to cover Evad & O.S. and Rocky D.F. Evad had to cancel due to illness & I didn’t feel like I got the full R.D.F. experience. Other Scott’s bass tone, having been set up for someone else, was… off, to say the least. Rejoice! For this attempt was far more successful! And a shitload of fun!

Steve Macevic

Steve Macevic

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Friday: My Second Favorite F Word, Events 6/30/17

The weekend is upon us again and this Friday brings your last chance to get out and rock during the month of June! Let Punksburgh be your guide…

Honey ‘Mock Pop’ CD Release Party
9 p.m. / Spirit (downstairs) / $5
Honey, the trio of Monroeville rockers, release their full-length album on Wild Kindness Records with support from local dirty garage punkers Bat Zuppel and noisy post-punk favorites Derider. You can taste-test the new album ‘Mock Pop’ on The Grey Estates here.

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Pittsburgh City Paper “Best Of Pgh. 2017” Round 1: Nominations

Pittsburgh City Paper has just opened up nominations for its Best of Pittsburgh 2017 Readers Poll! You can now nominate your (or your favorite) band and venue! Nominations will be accepted now through July 19th. Public voting, the Round 2 part, will begin on July 28th and continue through August 18th.

The Basic Rules:
• You can only nominate once per day per category.
• The Best Of Pittsburgh ballot log-in system is separate from the rest of
• All completed nominations are subject to verification by our staff.
• City Paper reserves the right to disregard multiple ballots that are sent from the same IP address.

The Categories:
(click link for submission form)

We do have a preference in ONE category. Show us some love and write in Punksburgh for BEST LOCAL BLOGGER!

And if you’re REALLY serious about getting on the ballot, you can find campaigning tools here.

Last year’s winners included Nevada Color, Dethlehem, The Armadillos, The Justin Fabus Band, & Phat Man Dee,

On The Road with The Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band, Pittsburgh to Canton & back in The Party Van

Lead singer and guitar player Polka Kapolka is sharp and organized. Drummer (and Punksburgh contributing photographer) Randall ALWAYS wears pants. Bassist and driver Chunk is really good at navigating from his “Google phone.” Saxophonist Sky doesn’t have much luck with the ladies. Trombonist Joeseph, otherwise known as Baron Von Bone, was the highlight of the journey, and lead guitarist Jarad, a.k.a. Lefty’s, balls definitely weren’t stuck to his leg for the duration of the trip from Pittsburgh to Canton. And if you believe those things perhaps it’s best that you stop reading now and remain blissfully unaware.

“The Party Van” pulled up punctually at 5 p.m. to collect your friend and humble narrator. Greeted by toots of party noisemakers and it’s “WOOGAH!” horn, I climbed aboard, prepared for anything. Although off to a tedious start with, as Sky so perfectly put it, “Free parking on 376,” we were on our way, The Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band to open for the one-and-only, accept no imitations Clownvis Presley at Buzzbin Art & Music Shop and I to document the experience.

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Lookahead to Ladyfest! This Weekend: 6/23/17 – 6/25/17

ladyfest 3

Happy Solstice! Festival season is upon us and this weekend brings us the females in the forefront Ladyfest! Founded in Olympia, Washington in 2000, this year’s festivities mark it’s fifth year in Pittsburgh. Boasting a 40 (!) band line-up, the three-day event is organized by participating bands The Lopez and Brazilian Wax, with a moderately-sized army of volunteers from all walks of life in tow. As if rocking out with your favorite female ensembles isn’t enough, the whole festival serves to benefit The Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh!

With SO many great artists appearing this year, I figured I’d take the opportunity to mention some of the acts that I’m hoping to catch!

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INCO FIdO: In Depth @ Club Cafe 6/11/17 with Latecomer & Mephiskapheles

inco 2

Latecomer. I think Zach is in trouble.

After a joyfully busy weekend of authors, art, and music I ventured dahntahn for Sunday night’s grand finale. My goal was to see the juried art of the Three Rivers Arts Festival, have a deliciously decadent lobster burger, and catch some of Pittsburgh’s rock & soul powerhouse The Commonheart‘s set. Due to the delight that is public transportation on Sundays in the ‘burgh I accomplished two of the three, therefore this story isn’t about The Commonheart. Although their sound check was lovely I bused my way to the South Side’s Club Cafe to see Mephiskapheles with support from Latecomer. We recently covered Latecomer in a good deal of depth and I highly suggest you check that out because this story isn’t about them either. This will is all about the other opener at Club Cafe Sunday night, the dominating Rock and Roll of Pittsburgh’s INCO FIdO.

INCO FIdO are an… intimidating band. Eight members strong, seeing them all together one can relate to The Wu-Tang Clan‘s plan to take over the party by force of numbers and iNCO’s sound blasts from the stage with all of the might that their presence suggests. The band was formed when the unequaled ska band Masters of the Universe split due to “artistic differences” and the remaining members; Chuck Veri-vocals, Hannah Loch-Sax, and A.J. Veri-trumpet absorbed a fledgling band consisting of Tim Costello-drums, Jeremy-bass/backing vocals, and Colin Shanahan-guitar. Add the depth of Jason Van Jura on keys/backing vocals & the frenetic percussion and backing vocals of Ausin “Bubby” Hall and INCO was born. PR mastermind of the group, Chuck said of their formation,”Tim lives right down the street from me. I was going down to the beer distributor where he works anyway, so I just asked him to join up with us. He said yes!”

Taking their name from graffiti on a train bridge over 376W near Carnegie because it “sounds good” INCO FIdO was birthed in 2015 and saw the release of their debut six-track EP, “After You” that same year. All of their recording and production takes place “in house,” so to speak, with said house being a unit in EZ Self-Storage with bassist Jeremy at the helm. In the age of ProTools and similar wizardry Jeremy is self-taught, honing his skills through a process of trial and error and the recordings are crisp and clean. Be on the lookout for their next self-produced effort, currently a “work in progress” due to an unfortunate mishap of the laptop with the masters “falling” out of a window. I didn’t make that up, but in the meantime you can pick up their two-track single “Line Dancing” b/w “876” on a nifty thumb drive at any of their shows.

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