One of our recurring features is the Punksburgh Inquisition–a short profile of a local artist. Check out our list of those who have been already Inquisitioned, and feel free to suggest someone that you’d like to see featured! 

Eric Popek (Ten Thousand Dollars Cash / The Pianofighter)

Sarah Halter (Blue Clutch)

Carrie Collins (Carrie Collins Band)

Justin Parson (Antiquities)

Ryan Caldwell (Dayshift)

Tim Vitullo (Tim Vitullo Band)

Travis Butler (Brahctopus / Justin Fabus)

Rick Topping (Video Tapes)

Steve Rawski (The Slobberknockers / Scolari)

Carrie Battle (Jiant Eagle/Robin Vote)

Polka Kapolka (Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band)

Josh Verbanets (Meeting Of Important People)

Jon Bindley (Bindley Hardware Co.)

Bengt Alexsander (Action Camp)

Tim Emanuel (The Danzas)

Jonathan Bagamery (Murder For Girls)

Jesse Ley (Delicious Pastries / City Steps / Mantiques)

Marcus Crawford (Rocky Dennis Face)

Allison Kacmar Richards (The Long Hunt / Emily Rodgers Band)

Tammy Wallace (Murder For Girls)

Adam Sniff (The Scratch n’ Sniffs)

Pat McGhen (Playoff Beard / the Shutouts)

Sikes (Sikes and the New Violence / Greywalker)

Abe Like Lincoln (The Filthy Lowdown)

Becki Gallagher (LoFi Delphi/Garter Shake)

Anthony Sarnelli (Cynimatics)

Willy Raygun (Weapons of Choice)

Brian McGee (The Danzas)

Andy Mayer (Eternal Boy)

Jenn Jannon-Fischer (The Park Plan / Garter Shake / The Freshes)

Jimmy Bastard (The Bastard Bearded Irishmen)

Joseph Stephen (Eternal Boy)

Tim Little (Playoff Beard / Nightmarathons / Lansbury / The Shutouts)

Rishi Bahl (Eternal Boy)

Donny Donovan (Dinosoul / Hearken)

Ray Kolcun (Crooked Cobras)