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Happy Friday! Happy #SharePGHMusicMonth! Shows to help you celebrate in style!

I got to pick one for #SharePGHMusicMonth & I chose a metal band that any fan of the genre should hear. They also have TWO shows this weekend! The hard-hitting quartet, Divine Tragedy, describe themselves as, “Thrash style Metal accompanied by melodic double guitar harmonies, underlying bass grooves & thundering drums to guide you on epic tales.” That’s quite a description and far be it for me to argue with the musicians themselves, but I have it on good authority that they won’t be upset if you think of them as Power or simply Heavy Metal, as I do. Just as long as you think of them!

Once again this weekend I find myself lamenting the fact that I can’t be two or more places at once. With that in mind, he’s my wishlist for shows tonight, followed closely by even more rad shows that should be of interest!

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Show Review: Bastard Bearded Irishmen @ South Side Works (7/8/17)

Few things get my Irish blood pumping like a Bastard Bearded Irishmen show.  Always highly energetic, the bastards’ catchy tunes, crazy stage antics, and fun banter make for a hell of an enjoyable time.  Taking the outdoor stage next to SouthSide Works, the band filled the plaza with the wonderfully rad sound of Celtic-influenced punk rock.

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Punksburgh Playlist 07.04.17-07.10.17

A weekly Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed/interviewed/mentioned on Punksburgh.com from 07.04.17-07.10.17

Not on Spotify:

  1. Starship Mantis – 27 Years
  2. Side Eye – Bittersweet
  3. Look Out Loretta – WKND GTWY
  4. Brett Stags & the Daylight Moon – White Knuckle
  5. Lotus Kid – Tiny New Bedroom
  6. Milly – Throw It Away
  7. The Childlike Empress – Anxious Thoughts

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No One Expects The Punksburgh Inquisition: Jimmy Bastard (The Bastard Bearded Irishmen)

It’s not easy getting Jimmy Smerecky A.K.A. “Jimmy Bastard,” lead vocalist, banjo and guitar player for The Bastard Bearded Irishmen, to answer a few quick questions using ANY digital platform, but we’ve done it! With a little help from his wife…

Jimmy closeup

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