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No One Expects The Punksburgh Inquisition: Sikes (Sikes and the New Violence / Greywalker)

Sikes┬árecently had me on his Start The Beat podcast, so I’m returning the favor and bringing him to Punksburgh. You may have seen him rapping with his backup band the New Violence or singing with heavy metal band Greywalker–plus he seems to be involved in eighty other projects at any given time.

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Punksburgh Playlist 07.04.17-07.10.17

A weekly Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed/interviewed/mentioned on Punksburgh.com from 07.04.17-07.10.17

Not on Spotify:

  1. Starship Mantis – 27 Years
  2. Side Eye – Bittersweet
  3. Look Out Loretta – WKND GTWY
  4. Brett Stags & the Daylight Moon – White Knuckle
  5. Lotus Kid – Tiny New Bedroom
  6. Milly – Throw It Away
  7. The Childlike Empress – Anxious Thoughts

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