hedonism bots

Dan Christ, Jordan Zankey, & Andrew J Riegner

Punksburgh‘s first band featured in a #SharePGHMusicMonth post in earnest comes highly recommended by “Old Man McGee,The Hedonism Bots! The hedonistically debaucherous trio has been described as “a jam band version of Iggy Pop and The Stooges with lo-fi vocals,” but to my ears they sound more like The Residents seived backwards through the Butthole Surfers with some funky Talking Heads bass lines. The effortlessly verbose and slightly rakish lead singer, guitar player, keyboard player, “looks, and creative genius” behind the project, Andy, makes no qualms about shameless & tongue-in-cheek self-promotion. He describes his influences as being vodka, beer, and human horn (that’s an aphrodisiac, I think.) When they’re not performing you may be able to find him under a bridge collecting half-empty, or full depending on your perception, Mad Dog bottles and Phil Collins t shirts. Due to the fact that, much like Prince, the bulk of their videos are deep in a vault on unmarked VHS tapes, and after much deliberation, the track ‘Easiest Person’ from the 2016 album ‘Crashin’ The Party’ was chose as the ideal fit for #SharePGHMusicMonth. Enjoy & share!

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