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No One Expects The Punksburgh Inquisition: Adam Sniff (The Scratch n’ Sniffs)

adam SnS

The Scratch n’ Sniffs

This one has been particularly adept at averting the dreaded Inquisition, but no one can evade us forever! We bring you Mr. Adam Sniff of The Scratch n’ Sniffs!

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Punksburgh Playlist 06.13.17-06.19.17

A weekly Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed/interviewed/mentioned on Punksburgh.com from 06.13.17-06.19.17


Bands not available on Spotify:

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INCO FIdO: In Depth @ Club Cafe 6/11/17 with Latecomer & Mephiskapheles

inco 2

Latecomer. I think Zach is in trouble.

After a joyfully busy weekend of authors, art, and music I ventured dahntahn for Sunday night’s grand finale. My goal was to see the juried art of the Three Rivers Arts Festival, have a deliciously decadent lobster burger, and catch some of Pittsburgh’s rock & soul powerhouse The Commonheart‘s set. Due to the delight that is public transportation on Sundays in the ‘burgh I accomplished two of the three, therefore this story isn’t about The Commonheart. Although their sound check was lovely I bused my way to the South Side’s Club Cafe to see Mephiskapheles with support from Latecomer. We recently covered Latecomer in a good deal of depth and I highly suggest you check that out because this story isn’t about them either. This will is all about the other opener at Club Cafe Sunday night, the dominating Rock and Roll of Pittsburgh’s INCO FIdO.

INCO FIdO are an… intimidating band. Eight members strong, seeing them all together one can relate to The Wu-Tang Clan‘s plan to take over the party by force of numbers and iNCO’s sound blasts from the stage with all of the might that their presence suggests. The band was formed when the unequaled ska band Masters of the Universe split due to “artistic differences” and the remaining members; Chuck Veri-vocals, Hannah Loch-Sax, and A.J. Veri-trumpet absorbed a fledgling band consisting of Tim Costello-drums, Jeremy-bass/backing vocals, and Colin Shanahan-guitar. Add the depth of Jason Van Jura on keys/backing vocals & the frenetic percussion and backing vocals of Ausin “Bubby” Hall and INCO was born. PR mastermind of the group, Chuck said of their formation,”Tim lives right down the street from me. I was going down to the beer distributor where he works anyway, so I just asked him to join up with us. He said yes!”

Taking their name from graffiti on a train bridge over 376W near Carnegie because it “sounds good” INCO FIdO was birthed in 2015 and saw the release of their debut six-track EP, “After You” that same year. All of their recording and production takes place “in house,” so to speak, with said house being a unit in EZ Self-Storage with bassist Jeremy at the helm. In the age of ProTools and similar wizardry Jeremy is self-taught, honing his skills through a process of trial and error and the recordings are crisp and clean. Be on the lookout for their next self-produced effort, currently a “work in progress” due to an unfortunate mishap of the laptop with the masters “falling” out of a window. I didn’t make that up, but in the meantime you can pick up their two-track single “Line Dancing” b/w “876” on a nifty thumb drive at any of their shows.

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Punksburgh Playlist 05.25.17-06.05.17

A weekly Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed/interviewed/mentioned on Punksburgh.com from 05.25.17-06.05.17


Bands not available on Spotify:

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Show Review: The Scratch n’ Sniffs / Jagger Holly / Teenage Bubblegums / Latecomer (06/01/17)

Walking in to Howlers out in Bloomfield gives you a solid balance between dive bar and live music venue.  Most recently, I attended The Scratch n’ Sniffs/Jagger Holly/Teenage Bubblegums/Latecomer show on 06/01/17. A lineup with a mix of locals and touring, this show fit in perfectly with the general vibe of Howlers. As a heads up, the bar portion allows smoking, though the venue side is smoke free.

The Scratch nʻ Sniffs

Running on “punk time,” this show was kicked off by local punk band The Scratch n’ Sniffs. They were fast, loud, and everything you want to see and hear in the punk scene. Overall, there was a lot of music and not a ton of banter. They definitely did what someone yelled between songs–“play some punk!” I was really excited to see the Scratch n’ Sniffs because I’ve heard nothing but positives about them and their music, and because Latecomer gave them a shoutout in the interview I had just completed before the show.

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“We will play your basement… and bring beer” — Interview with Latecomer

Latecomer is a four piece punk rock band from Pittsburgh. While some bands have a hard time finding one vocalist, all four members of Latecomer sing. If you make one of their shows they’ll likely tell you they didn’t practice, and probably won’t have their merch out on the table.

The members:

  • Rich–guitar and vocals
  • Pete–vocals and guitar
  • Zach–drums and vocals
  • Mike–bass and vocals

Q) You’ve been posting about self-producing your third album. How has that process been going?

A) Overall it’s been a really good process. We have tracked rhythm and drums so far and are about half way done. Self producing is letting us have a lot more control over the process. There is no money on the line, so it is a lot less stessful and there’s no real time crunch. We are going to redo the bass tracking, and we definitely couldn’t afford to do that if we weren’t self producing.

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Shows I’m Looking Forward to in June

Iʻm back home, (mostly) recovered from Vegas, and the school year is just about over, which means it’s time to become nocturnal and go to all. the. freaking. shows. Here are five (plus a bonus out of town show!) that Iʻm especially looking forward to hitting up this month.

I saw Buffalo’s On The Cinder earlier this year playing at The Fallout Shelter (also with Evad & the Ominous Squad), and they rocked hard. Iʻm looking forward to round two. I’ve also been trying to catch the newly reunited Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs!, but something has always come up. Not this time, universe!

The Dwarves put on a crazy good show, plus you get local favorites Thunder Vest, Porno Tongue, and those festive lads at the Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band. Itʻs been ages since I’ve seen either Thunder Vest or Porno Tongue, so I’m psyched. Donʻt miss out on this stacked lineup in the cozy comfort of Lawrenceville’s favorite dive bar. I promise you’ll have a super fun time. It will be an awesome party. There will be bands.

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