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Punksburgh Playlist 06.06.17-06.12.17


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It’s Turners’ Time! Legendary Hucklebucks, Mickey & the SOB’s, & Braddock Brothers 6/3/17!

Over two rivers and through the ‘hood to McKeesport town I went last Saturday night. As one newcomer to the city once exclaimed “it looks like Chernobyl!” but timid Pittsburghers should have no fear about making the short trip to this storied town. The Turners Club there is a normally private club complete with bar, banquet room, and duckpin bowling downstairs that has been gaining notoriety for hosting insanely fun shows with incredible line ups.

The crowd was scattered due to the Pens playoff game on multiple HD TVs in the bar area and the free hot dog and nacho bar (with all the fixin’s, even baked beans for those that dared) to the right of the performance area when The Braddock Brothers took the stage. Undeterred, the Pennsyltucky old-timey mountain music quartet expertly rocked their way through a set of both originals and covers. Having been privy to a performance of theirs before I had been eager to see them a second time, with the addition of a new drummer, Zach Velas, and they did not disappoint. My only criticism of the set was that the whole shebang needed to be turned up louder for full effect.

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