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Punksburgh Playlist 07.04.17-07.10.17

A weekly Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed/interviewed/mentioned on Punksburgh.com from 07.04.17-07.10.17

Not on Spotify:

  1. Starship Mantis – 27 Years
  2. Side Eye – Bittersweet
  3. Look Out Loretta – WKND GTWY
  4. Brett Stags & the Daylight Moon – White Knuckle
  5. Lotus Kid – Tiny New Bedroom
  6. Milly – Throw It Away
  7. The Childlike Empress – Anxious Thoughts

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No One Expects the Punksburgh Inquisition: Anthony Sarnelli (Cynimatics)

Today’s Inquistion features Anthony Sarnelli, vocalist and guitarist for Cynimatics.

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Punksburgh Playlist 06.06.17-06.12.17


A weekly Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed/interviewed/mentioned on Punksburgh.com from 06.06.17-06.12.17


Bands not available on Spotify:

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“We write songs and bring them to life”: an interview with Two Birds

Two Birds is a self-described pop/rock band from Pittsburgh. With a widely successful debut show under their belts, the four-piece  is looking to continue creating music and focus only on a few shows for the time being. I sat down with Dan, who is a guitarist and vocalist for the band. 

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“Ska is basically dead” but Cynimatics is keeping it on life support: a Q&A interview 

Cynimatics is a four piece ska/pop punk hybrid band based out of Pittsburgh that have been together (except for a brief hiatus) since 2013. These guys blend third wave ska with pop punk for a unique sound with even more unique set of influences. 

Q) Cynimatics just had a release show back in April for “A Life That’s Always The Same.” Are you planning on doing some more touring with that release, or are you focusing more on the potential album you’ve got in the works? 

A) That’s funny… “A Life That’s Always The Same” was sort of just a stunt to gain some momentum again and put something fresh and tangible out there since we weren’t active for basically an entire year (2016-2017). I booked the release show with 3 of my friends’ bands (FlipSwitchRotations, and Lotus Kid) to basically just have a good time. We gave away the CDs for free there. I’m really grateful everything went well and that everyone seems to be digging the new EP. I can’t really say that we’ll ever tour for it.

The band is pretty much just a hobby. We do this for fun, and love just being local to Pittsburgh as well as releasing everything we do DIY. I’d love to travel, but with most of us just out of school and juggling priorities, it’s difficult.

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#chilicheesevan: a Q&A Interview with Lotus Kid

Lotus Kid is a five-piece angsty pop punk band from Pittsburgh, PA. Live, these guys are energetic, able to hold witty stage banter, and keep things generally relatable. I had the chance to catch up with Mikey, who does vocals and song writing for the band, to discuss everything from pizza and local businesses to the creative process and advice he wishes he had gotten.

Q) What is Lotus Kid working on right now?

A) Our current short term goal is playing our Fall Out Boy cover set at the Emo Prom!  It’s this weekend, so this week we’re running through the songs and perfecting the little things. We regularly play as a five piece band (two guitars, bass, drums, vocals) but don’t have a permanent drummer and none of the fill in drummers we have been working with are available the day of the show, so our guitarist Zack will be playing drums and I will be playing guitar while singing to make up for the lack of a member. I’m stoked to sing these songs because Fall Out Boy always had lyrics that really spoke to me when I was a teenager. We’re trying to convince Doug to shave his beard and wear some eyeliner but he’s being noncompliant.

Once the Emo Prom is over we will be wrapping up recording our debut EP and then sending the tracks out to get mixed and mastered. It only needs a few more hours of vocal tracking to be ready to go! We want to make a music video and have a release party this summer, then after that do some weekenders and hopefully do some touring in support of the EP.

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