Right in the middle of their “Summertime Filth” tour, Punksburgh caught up with Abe “Like Lincoln,” vocalist and  purveyor of miscellaneous questionable behavior of those homicidal hunters of the homeless, The Filthy Lowdown!

filthies by kel ha tan

The Filthy Lowdown captured by Kel Ha Tan of none other than Tiger Sex!

What was the artist, album, or song that inspired you to play/write music?

My dad always listened to a heavy array of music from Metallica to Frank Zappa, but I would have to say that when I got Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ and The Offspring’s ‘Smash’ for X-mas when I was nine, those were the albums that influenced me to start creating music.

What are the names of every band that you’ve ever been a part of?

Forgive me if I forget one or two:
Beaver Brigade
Dying to Live
TEAM No Respect
Speak Out
Barker’s Beauties
The Filthy Lowdown

What is the absolute favorite piece of merch that you own?

Hmm… I have ticket stubs from the first couple of years that I was going to shows. I have ticket stubs signed by Weird Al, Dexter Holland, and Marky Ramone.
My favorite piece of merch that I have from The Filthy Lowdown:
The Filthy Lowdown: the t-shirt!
The Filthy Lowdown: the coloring book!
The Filthy Lowdown: the lunchbox!
The Filthy Lowdown: the breakfast cereal!
The Filthy Lowdown: the flamethrower! (“The kids love this one.”)
& last, but not least; The Filthy Lowdown: The Doll, Me

What is one thing about the Pittsburgh music scene that could be better and one thing about the scene that you love?

I think that people should have more food fights at shows. Like, we are someday planning “Pound of Jumbo Night.” Everyone brings jumbo (Ed. note: that’s bologna in Pittsburghese) to the show and goes wild during the music.
One thing that I love about the scene is that there’s always a show going on with great bands. I feel bad that I can’t go see them all.

What’s something about you/your band that you think people should know that maybe they don’t?

We are like Spinal Tap and our drummers keep dying. We keep finding more and more drummers and they die in a weird manner. We are like the Craigslist killer for drummers. Speaking of Craigslist, every city we play we read Craigslist’s “Casual Encounters.” You never know what you’ll run into on the road and that is hours of fun while touring.

If you had to pick only one of your songs for people to listen to which one would it be?

It would depend on what kind of mood I was in. Either “Mischief” or “Cheap Cars, Fast Women.”

Who would you cast in the movie of your band?

Drummer: The Invisible Man or Don Knotts
Chuck (bass:) Danny Glover
Max (guitar:) Steven Segal
Brandon (rhythm guitar:) John Stamos
Myself: Alf or Tim Curry

filthies the movie

The Filthy Lowdown: The Movie

How does your mom/family react to your music? Do they come to your shows?

My family is very supportive of my music. If you’ve been to a Filthy Lowdown show you’ve definitely seen my dad. He’s the crazy guy going apeshit up front. He makes the kids look bad with his energy. He is definitely my biggest fan and the band’s biggest supporter. My mom and grandma come to shows from time to time as well. Gram wanted a “Rub my Clint” shirt just to support us and be edgy. She is hilarious!


Abe’s edgy & adorable gram!

What band or artist have you seen live the most number of times?

That is a great question. I would have to say the Dropkick Murphy’s, but not because I wanted to see them. It was mainly because they were always on tour with a band I wanted to see. The band that I have seen the most on purpose is probably the Unseen.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you at a show as a performer or spectator?

While we were on the road an already drunk man stole the band’s pitcher of beer while we were onstage. I told him to give it back. He refused. A melee ensued and when it was broken up he threw a cue ball from the pool table at me. I wasn’t hit or injured. Then he went outside and had people repeatedly punch him in the face. He must have woken up with the worst headache and missing teeth.

Be on the lookout for the Filthies upcoming release, currently awaiting pressing, which was produced by Joe Queer and mixed/mastered by singer/guitarist for The Atom Age, Ryan Perras!
Their summer tour still has stops in Detroit, Madison, Milwaukee, and Ft. Wayne, IN., but you can catch them when they return to the ‘burgh to open for Agnostic Front at Cattivo on September 29th!
Also be sure to catch them do their best Suicide Machines impersonation at The Fallout Shelter‘s “Half-Covered Halloween” alongside Children of October, Johnny and The Razorblades, The Danzas, Evad & The Ominous Squad, and Crisis in America on October 28th for a spooky, weird time!

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