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Punksburgh Playlist 07.04.17-07.10.17

A weekly Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed/interviewed/mentioned on Punksburgh.com from 07.04.17-07.10.17

Not on Spotify:

  1. Starship Mantis – 27 Years
  2. Side Eye – Bittersweet
  3. Look Out Loretta – WKND GTWY
  4. Brett Stags & the Daylight Moon – White Knuckle
  5. Lotus Kid – Tiny New Bedroom
  6. Milly – Throw It Away
  7. The Childlike Empress – Anxious Thoughts

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Kids with purple hair are here: The Childlike Empress / Early Riser / The Weak Days / THGC / Secret Stuff @ The Mr. Roboto Project (7/8/17)

Another stacked bill brought patrons young, old, and in between to The Mr. Roboto Project. Although this show was a bit different from the more aggressive gigs I tend to attend, it was one of the best shows I have been to this year.


Photos by Logan Tilley

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Show I’m Looking Forward to in July

The universe must know that my birthday is in July, because there are SO MANY good shows this month. I attempted to follow the same format as my June post (5 shows plus a bonus out of town show); it did not end well. Even still, I had to make some tough decisions.

If you’ve ever seen Cumplete Basturds before, you know why I’m recommending this show; those guys are absolutely hilarious. Throw in Lansbury (featuring star drummer Tim Little) and Punksburgh favorites Crooked Cobras and you’re in for one hell of a night. But let’s be honest: a free show at my favorite bar on the night before the Fourth of July? You should be there already.

That is one hell of a lineup. If you’ve been following us you’ve likely seen the praise heaped upon the latter three bands, but Ft. Wayne’s Flamingo Nosebleed is also not to be missed. Make sure you also stop by Black Forge Coffee House beforehand to pregame with The Invalid People / Six Speed Kill / Wax Brain.

There are so many great choices for this night, but I had to give it to the guys in Punchline since they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary; stay tuned for our interview with them in a few days. If I weren’t going to this show I’d definitely be at the Homeless Gospel Choir / Early Riser show. Or celebrating Brendaʻs birthday with Old Game / The Park Plan at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. Anyone got a spare Time-Turner lying around?

WHAT A FUCKING DAY. I would honestly be happy to attend either one of these shows, but because the first one is a MATINEE, it’s possible to hit up both. Stop by Spirit in the afternoon for some pizza, skateboarding, and Captain, We’re Sinking, who are touring in support of their new album. The evening continues with a rather intimate gathering at the Funhouse with Canadians The Flatliners and Pkew Pkew Pkew. We are going to shows before we go to shows?

I know that SOME PEOPLE are too cool for Warped Tour, but I am not one of them (unsurprisingly, there’s actually very little that I am too cool for). My goals for Warped are to eat a giant ice cream cone for lunch and to see as much of Save Ferris, Gwar, Barb Wire Dolls, Big D and the Kids Table, Eternal Boy, Street Dogs, War on Women, the Adolescents, the Alarm, Anti-Flag, the Ataris, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, and Sick of it All as possible.

Basically all my favorite bands are playing. Go. Word has it that The Danzas‘s set will feature a guest singer; I’m not gonna spoil it, but I’ve heard that she likes quirky dresses and runs a music blog. You’ll just have to check it out.

Come celebrate my birthday with me at this hella rad show! If you’re not familiar with Worriers, you should be; they were just signed by SideOneDummy and are definitely going places. With Aussie rockers Camp Cope and local grunge greats Hearken (starring local legend Donny Donovan) added in the mix, you definitely shouldn’t miss this show. But it’s my birthday, so you were gonna be there anyway, yeah? In case you were wondering, I like sour candy and anything that mixes chocolate with peanut butter.

It’s Lawn Care‘s album release show. That’s pretty much all you need to know! Old Game and Rue are icing on the cake. I had a ton of fun chatting with the Lawn Care guys recently, and their interview will be out as soon as I tackle transcribing Cameron’s half hour thesis on music genres. Show is only five bucks, but you get in free in when you preorder the album, so just go do that.

I absolutely adore Tegan and Sara; they absolutely blew me away when they were at Stage AE last year. Driving four hours round trip to see them? NOT A PROBLEM.


Punksburgh Playlist 06.06.17-06.12.17


A weekly Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed/interviewed/mentioned on Punksburgh.com from 06.06.17-06.12.17


Bands not available on Spotify:

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EP Review: The Homeless Gospel Choir – Normal (6/9/17)

The Homeless Gospel Choir‘s newest release dropped today in the form of a two song 7″. If you have not had the pleasure of listening to any of The Homeless Gospel Choir (aka Derek Zanetti)’s music before, this record is a great place to start. You can also check out our recent interview with him. 


The hometown heroes over at A-F records worked with Zanetti again to release these wonderful songs that he has been playing at shows for years. A-F records has pressed three versions of this record: a special edition red vinyl that is only available through the A-F record club, 350 yellow vinyl, and a beautiful baby blue that was added on when the yellow pre-order sold out. This record runs up to you with open arms, grabs you by the jacket, screams in your face, and gives you a big fucking hug.

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Punksburgh Playlist 05.25.17-06.05.17

A weekly Spotify playlist of all bands reviewed/interviewed/mentioned on Punksburgh.com from 05.25.17-06.05.17


Bands not available on Spotify:

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“Punk is a badge I wear with pride” — a conversation with The Homeless Gospel Choir

I got in touch with Derek Zanetti, aka The Homeless Gospel Choir, on Thursday, towards the end of his drive from Salt Lake City to Spokane. Our conversation was peppered with driving directions as he was making his way towards The Big Dipper for his show that night. Itʻs been a big week for Derek: heʻs in the middle of a successful tour with ’68 and Listener, the Pittsburgh Penguins are in the Stanley Cup Finals and, oh yeah, the video for his new single “Normal” just premiered on NPR music.


Photo by Jon B Snow. 
You can find & follow Jon on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, or on his music photography website.

“That was a dream come true for me,” he gushed, when I asked how it felt, “I’ve been a long time listener of NPR and I was utterly humbled.” The song—punky, vibrant, and anthemic with its chorus of “Youʻre never gonna be normal, ʻcause youʻre a punk”—was recorded with a full band, a departure from the solo acoustic material found in his live shows and previous two albums.

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